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RWBY: Amity Arena is a mobile game developed by NHN Entertainment and published by Rooster Teeth on October 2018 for iOS and Android. A closed beta ran starting in August of that year. Based on the RT animated series RWBY, the game combines elements from collectible card games, tower defense, and multiplayer online battle arena.

Amity Arena will shut off its servers on January 28, 2021.


The core gameplay of Amity Arena revolves around arenas where both players have three buildings, two turrets and a tower which fires beams. The player has 3 minutes to destroy the adversary's structures, with the turrets being worth one point each and the tower giving an automatic 3-point win even if only one or no turrets were downed. If when time runs out both players are tied, an extra minute of "Sudden Death" is played.

To attack the structures and defend from the adversaries, players deploy units based on the RWBY universe, ranging from the Huntsmen and Huntresses to the robots, goons and creatures of Grimm, with varied properties (physical attacks, projectiles, airborne units, and even special attacks). Each unit, represented by a card, requires a certain amount of "Aura" to be used, with the player's Aura meter charging as time passes.

Once a battle is won, the player wins trophies (their overall game score) and if they have a key (usually given every 90 minutes), can open a crate that can give new cards and currency - coins (used to purchase cards at the store or upgrade units which have enough cards to raise their levels), Dust (used to purchase crates or keys; it can be purchased with real money on the store), and cookies (used to purchase costumes for the units or emotes to send during battle to the adversary). Crates are also available by executing daily missions. There are eight arenas, split by the players' amount of trophies. Once the player arrives at a new arena, new cards are available to unlock.

Another mode, Fall of Beacon, is a hack-and-slash where players control Ruby Rose or Weiss Schnee fighting off Grimm, White Fang and robots.


  • Ruby Rose:
    • Scythe Ruby - Dashes towards her enemies to deal some area damage with her scythe.
    • Sniper Ruby - Fires Crescent Rose rapidly, then leaps backward with recoil.
  • Weiss Schnee
    • Ice Weiss - Freezes enemies solid for a set duration.
    • Summoner Weiss - A ranged unit that summons a tank on command.
  • Blake Belladonna:
    • Ribbon Blake - Can be deployed anywhere on the arena.
    • Shadow Blake - Dashes to a designated location while leaving an afterimage behind.
  • Yang Xiao Long:
    • Biker Yang - Punches her enemies with great force, pushing them back.
    • Rocket Yang - Lets loose a barrage of rockets that knock her enemies back.
  • Jaune Arc:
    • Vomit Boy Jaune - An average melee unit that is an all-around fighter.
    • Unbound Jaune - A unit that can restore the HP and strengthen the aura of friendly units.
  • Pyrrha Nikos: throws out a shield that also hits enemies on its way back.
  • Nora Valkyrie: Smashes enemies into the sky and removes them from battle.
  • Lie Ren: Moves quickly to the enemy and delivers a powerful attack.
  • Sun Wukong: Summons Clones that decay over time.
  • Neptune Vasilias: Deals electric damage that stuns and damages enemies around his deployment area. Continues to deal electric damage with each attack.
  • Coco Adel: Deals increasingly higher damage to the enemy with her minigun.
  • Fox Alistair: Sows confusion among enemies to split them up.
  • Velvet Scarlatina: A unit that copies a previously deployed unit.
  • Yatsuhashi Daichi: Attacks and stuns enemies in his placement area.
  • Roy Stallion: Throws saws that also hits enemies on its way back.
  • Nolan Porfirio: Continues to deal electric damage with each attack.
  • May Zedong: A ranged unit with an incredibly long attack range.
  • Flynt Coal: Damages and pushes the enemies away.
  • Neon Katt: A melee unit that taunts enemies and is invincible while moving, until her first attack.
  • Raven Branwen: A melee unit that teleports allies to allies.
  • Crow Qrow: Transforms into a Crow to fly to a designated location.
  • Clover Ebi: Melee unit that uses bolas to restrict his enemies.
  • James Ironwood: A melee unit calls Atlesian Knights and airstrikes.
  • May Marigold: A melee unit that hides allies and attacks enemies in a line.
  • Arslan Altan: A melee unit that pulls then knocks away units.
  • Glynda Goodwitch: Summons a temporary defense tower.
  • Jinn: A card that summons Jinn to stop the time of everything around the target ally.
  • Maria Calavera: Melee unit that pulls both herself and the enemy towards each other.
  • Old Man Shopkeep: Structural unit that helps generate Aura every eight seconds.
  • Zwei: Doctor Oobleck launches Zwei from off screen into battle. The burning furball will land with an explosion then continue to harry enemies near him.
  • Roman Torchwick: Can pull an enemy or an ally to himself.
  • Emerald Sustrai: Creates phantom images of allies in range.
  • Cinder Fall: A ranged unit that rains arrows down on a designated area.
  • Mercury Black: Fires a targeted air blast that damages and stuns enemies. Jumps backward after making an attack.
  • Parasol Neo: Deploys initially with a barrier. Teleports to and attacks that which broke her parasol.
  • Xiong Family: The two "idiots" attack with axes while Junior attacks from a distance with a bazooka.
  • Malachite Twins: A melee unit that swaps around to fight longer.
  • Tyrian Callows: A melee unit that poisons enemies.
  • Hazel Rainart: Melee berserker that attacks target until either is eliminated.
White Fang
  • White Fang Thugs: 3 White Fang Fighters that have low HP but hit hard.
  • White Fang Gunners: 3 White Fang gunners that are weak but shoot quickly.
  • White Fan Squad: Deploys a squad of both melee and ranged White Fang.
  • White Fang Dropship: Moves to the enemy's turret or tower and drops a group of White Fang Thugs.
  • White Fang Lieutenant: A melee unit with a powerful double strike.
  • White Fang Watchtower: Three White Fang Gunners are hiding safely in the tower while attacking enemies.
  • Adam Taurus: A melee unit capable of extreme speed and attack.
  • Albain Brothers: A melee unit duo that is fast and strong.
  • Ilia Amitola: A melee unit that moves undetected.
  • Sienna Khan: A nimble melee unit that avoids damage and freezes enemies.
Atlesian Technology
  • Penny Polendina
    • Penny 1.0 - Creates a bladestorm at a target location that deals damage for a set duration.
    • Penny 2.0 - Ranged air unit that amplifies damage to its target over time.
  • AK-200: 2 AK-200 droids ready for ranged combat.
  • AK-130: 4 AK-130 droids ready for melee combat.
  • AK-135: Three AK-135 droids ready for melee combat.
  • Spider Droid: Shoots a laser into a target for a set amount of time.
  • Atlesian Paladin: A durable ranged unit that only goes after structures.
  • Atlesian Airship: Deploys 2 AK-130 units every few seconds.
  • Atlesian Gunship: A long range aerial unit.
  • Atlesian Beam Turret: A building that attacks enemies in a straight line.
  • Argus Shield: A wall that only hinders enemies.
  • Atlesian Burrow Gun: A turret that hides until a ground unit is near.
Creatures of Grimm
  • Ursa Major: A durable melee unit that only goes after structures.
  • King Taijitu: Wraps around and deals continuous damage to enemies.
  • Nevermore Chick: A ranged air unit that makes area attacks from above.
  • Baby Death Stalkers: Deploys 15 Small Death Stalkers.
    • Baby Death Stalkers - Deploys four Mini Death Stalkers.
    • Baby Death Stalker Den - Spawns one Baby Death Stalker every so often. If the den collapses, four will immediately spawn.
    • Burrowed Baby Death Stalkers - Calls for 15 baby Death Stalkers over time at a location.
  • Boarbatusk: Rolls towards its enemies with great speed and power.
  • Lancers: Deploys 3 small ranged air units with fast speeds.
    • Lancer Swarm: Deploys 6 small ranged air units with fast speeds.
    • Queen Lancer - This aerial tank unit summons lancers at regular intervals.
  • Griffon: A melee air unit that closes in quickly and hits hard.
  • Alpha Beowolf: Leaps at a structure and deals heavy damage to it.
    • Beowolf Pack - Melee units that dash towards structures.
  • Petra Gigas: Boulders fall and deal area damage on death.
  • Beringel: Leaps to a target location and causes area damage.
  • Baby Ravagers: Small flying melee units that attack quickly.
  • The Apathy: A melee unit that keeps respawning to weaken enemies.
  • Manticore: Ranged air unit that does AOE DMG to land units.
  • Mutant Creep: A ground unit that will create an AoE attack upon coming in contact with any structure.
  • Nuckelavee: A 2-in-1 unit that is able to target ground units and buildings simultaneously.
Team Attacks
  • Ice Flower (Sniper Ruby + Ice Weiss): A combo unit that can freeze enemies at close and long ranges.
  • Freezerburn (Ice Weiss + Rocket Yang): A melee unit that uses fog to hinder enemies.
  • Checkmate (Shadow Blake + Summoner Weiss): Blake attacks together with Weiss then makes nearby allies invincible for a short time.
  • Bumblebee (Biker Yang + Ribbon Blake): A combo unit that moves to a target location to displace and damage enemies.
  • Pomegrenade (Pyrrha + Nora): A combo unit that launch in the air and crash on the enemies at close and long ranges.
  • Flower Power (Nora + Ren): A melee unit that hits multiply targets rapidly.
  • Dr. Oobleck + Zwei: A combo unit that deals ranged damage in a straight line.
  • Partners in Crime (Roman + Neo): A melee unit that can pull an ally or enemy to himself.


  • Beacon Academy (Arena 1)
  • Emerald Forest (Arena 2)
  • Forever Fall Forest (Arena 3)
  • Mountain Glenn (Arena 4)
  • Vale City Square (Arena 5)
  • Beacon Academy Tower (Arena 6)
  • Oniyuri Village (Arena 7)
  • Mistral Village (Arena 8)
  • Frozen Lands (Arena 9)


  • Introductory sentences are spoken by many units - at first, only the eleven units based on the main characters - with either new dialogue or archive audio from the main show, RWBY Chibi and RWBY: Grimm Eclipse. One of those is for Neo, although said by Torchwick given she's mute.
  • Ruby and Blake's two units reflect their costumes before and after Volume 3. Weiss only has her original getup, while Yang's units are both up to Volume 3 (her regular outfit in Rocket, and the Hunter suit in Biker). The team attacks features all the girls in their Volume 4 outfits.
  • Nora had a special costume with an RTX shirt for those who attended the Amity Arena booth in the 2018 convention.
  • For Halloween, the structures had floating Jack O'Lanterns above them.
  • For Christmas (or "Nondescript Winter Holiday" after the RWBY Chibi episode), the turrets were replaced with snowmen and the tower with a Christmas tree, and it snowed in every arena. Christmas-themed costumes were also available for purchase.
  • For New Year's, every crate reveal was preceded by fireworks and a "Happy New Year" message, and Team RWBY's prom dresses were made available for purchase.
  • For Valentine's Day, the card shop was decorated with gift wrapper and chocolate candy boxes, and special garish and colorful outfits were available for purchase.
  • The introduction for new players has Yang spewing many awful puns, just like her voice actress Barbara Dunkelman.
  • During the introduction of the Battle of Beacon mode by Pyrrha, one of the lines features a flub by Jen Brown (“By clearing stages you can earn Lien, crates, and cards. Oh I said that backwards.” ).
  • Inside jokes appear in many of the descriptions, such as the Griffon and Roman ones referring to how the villain ended up devoured by said Grimm as he monologued. RWBY Chibi is often referenced: Shadow Blake mentions "Ninjas of Love", where Ruby discovers the books Blake likes to read are "Filth"; the Alpha Beowolf and Petra Gigas have quotes from "Inner Lives of the Beowolves"; and Neo has a reference to her assessment of Roman in "Mysterious Red Button".


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