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Prank King is an RT Short uploaded to YouTube on December 16, 2011. It features Gus's seemingly poor prank attempts.

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The short opens up with Gus sitting on a piece of pizza, which Matt and Kerry laid as a prank. Gus promises to get Matt back, stating that he is the Prank King. The first "prank" was to give Matt $5, to Matt's confusion. The second was to give Matt a ticket to a stage play, stating it was the best seat in the house. The third was giving Matt a new Mac. The last was to give Matt's car a full tank of gas, put some new supplies, and wash it. It is then that Matt explains to Gus that pranks are supposed to be playfully mean, rather than doing nice things for the target. The next day, Matt receives a package, which he takes into the RT office. As he steps inside, two secret service agents accuse him of conspiracy to murder the President. As Matt tries to defend himself, the SS agents explain the evidence. They discovered that Matt had a ticket to see the same play, at the same time as the President, internet searches on how to kill important people, and guns in a getaway car, which were all of the "pranks" Gus pulled on Matt. Matt tried saying that he doesn't own a gun, but a pistol was found in the package he brought in. Matt was then sentenced to 30 years, which after serving his time, tried explaining what he was going to do before he was interrupted by Gus pieing him in the face. 


Rooster Teeth's Prank King

Rooster Teeth's Prank King


  • The play is called "Yo Soy Pongo" an allusion to the Dominican Republican intern Pongo, from a previous RT Short
  • Prank King is a play on the word pranking
    • Fittingly, it is also what the best male prankster is called.
  • The stage play ticket being for the same showing of the same play as the President is a reference to the assassination of 16th President Abraham Lincoln by John Wilkes Booth in 1865.
    • The full tank of gas in Matt's car (identified by the secret service agents as the getaway car) might have an alternate connection to a different assassination of a US President, 35th President John F. Kennedy, who was in a car when Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated him.
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