Pongo! is an RT Short uploaded to YouTube on September 15, 2009. Joel is having a difficult time dealing with a new employee.

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The short opens with Burnie wrapping up a meeting. At the end of the meeting, he introduces Pongo, the new intern from the Dominican Republic. Most staff present take an instant liking to him, except for Joel, who has issues. Joel states that Pongo is nothing but a puppet and isn't a person. Burnie and Geoff interpret this as racism from Joel and berate him for that. As the meeting concludes, Burnie pulls Joel aside to lecture him on accepting a diverse workplace. Joel continues to object, citing several different reasons, but ends up driving the issue even further, while in front of Pongo. As Burnie leaves, Pongo vents his anger at Joel, threatening to kill him if he isn't careful. Burnie comes back and assumes the two are on better terms, though Joel is shocked at Pongo's words. The clip ends with a montage of Pongo having fun and pranking his fellow employees.




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  • The Dominican Republic, where Pongo is listed as being from, is close to Puerto Rico, where former Achievement Hunter, Ray Narvaez Jr. (who had not yet moved to Texas to join AH at the time of this RT Short), descends from.
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