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RTX is an expo, run by Rooster Teeth, held annually in Austin, Texas. This event showcases items ranging from video games to exclusive content.


In January 2016, Rooster Teeth held the first RTX Australia, in celebration of their donations towards Lazer Team, as the highest donating country outside of the US. The following editions, renamed RTX Sydney, happened on February 2017 and January 2018. The 2019 edition will be replaced by three Let's Play Live shows by Achievement Hunter on three cities.[1]


Announced during the second RTX Sydney, RTX London 2017 was held on October 14–15, 2017, at ExCeL London. The second edition happened on September 2018 at the same venue.


The event also plays host to many panels from the Rooster Teeth staff and other companies who have partnered with Rooster Teeth.

Each year, there are panels for Red vs Blue, RWBY, Happy Hour, RTAA , Achievement Hunter, Funhaus, The Know and The Founding Fathers of Rooster Teeth. Some panels may not be recurring yearly, like Camp Camp, Ten Little Roosters, X-Ray and Vav, and Lazer Team. There are also events occurring throughout the duration of RTX, such as The Rooster Teeth Podcast, The Patch, Off Topic, The Internet Box Podcast, Dude Soup Podcast, Always Open, On The Spot, Cards Against Humanity, Murder At RTX and many others.

Other entertainment organisations will hold events, panels and have booths, including people from Mega64, ScrewAttack and RocketJump.


RTX started in 2011 with only attempted 200 attendees that quickly and accidently grew to 400+. The event, even though small, gained notoriety. RTX 2012 grew massively to a staggering 3000+ attendees in the Austin Convention Center (which has since become the convention's main venue) and included booths from the likes of 343 Industres. RTX 2013 added an extra day and a demo for Assassin's Creed 4. This event had 10,000 people, more than doubling the size of the previous year.

RTX 2014 saw Matt Bragg and Jeremy Dooley (the latter having since replaced Ray) and hired them during the Achievement Hunter panel.