Quick Draw is a Rooster Teeth production exclusively available to FIRST Members through the Sponsor Cut series of videos. This segment features Rooster Teeth artist Patrick Rodriguez and another staff member discussing their time in Rooster Teeth while Patrick draws a portrait of the guest.

Featured StaffEdit

Featured guest Request for Patrick Guest drawing
Miles Luna Himself sitting at a typewriter imagining something His comic book character Simon Soul
Kerry Shawcross Himself piloting a giant robot Patrick propelling himself on a skateboard with farts
Barbara Dunkelman Herself as a Disney Princess An eye and a penis
Lindsay Tuggey Herself riding on a raptor with a horn and wings N/A
Michael Jones & Gavin Free Themselves floating on rubber rings looking at "The Baby" A house and (hover) car
Patrick Rodriguez (Non Request) - How to draw Gavin N/A
Ryan Haywood

"A surly-looking wizard astride a blue Chaise-Lounge, he should be wielding a Taco (magical) in one hand and a wisened weasel (non-magical) in the other. He is beset by a hobo-ninja with scoliosis, but a positive outlook on life, and a surprisingly vindictive pumpkin pie."

(After Pat said Ryan must be in the drawing) - "I look on from atop a nearby grassy hill I sit beneath A solitary leafless tree wearing a suit of armor made entirely out of rubber ducks, in one hand I hold the fate of the planet, the other is idle, but interested"

A panicking man on fire surrounded by missiles and a mushroom cloud
Gray Haddock Himself wielding a blaster and a makeshift weapon with a signpost and a crab claw, standing on an uprooted road while facing some hostile crab-people Rough sketch of Roman Torchwick
Ray Narvaez. Jr. Himself ina  Waluigi-esque style sitting on a chair made of Tetris blocks while playing the Gamesphere from Drake and Josh 2D version of the same drawing he requested from Patrick
Jon Risinger Himself as a turn-of-the-century British aristrocrat, lounging in his study with his dogs at his side, surrounding him are artifacts from geek culture (Calvin (Drawn by Chris) and) Hobbes
Kyle Taylor Himself falling from the sky riding some debris while wielding a sword Stick figure of Solid Snake standing on a cliff while smoking, with a cardboard box behind him
Josh Flanagan Himself as a Dr. Evil-esque mastermind behind the events of Ten Little Roosters Patrick standing in a celebratory stance
Blaine Gibson

(Directly quoted from the email)

"Me in battle-scarred mandalorian garb, black undergarment with purple armor, but my helmet is off so you can see my awesome fucking face, i'm blasting stormtroopers with DL-44 blaster in one hand and i'm force choking some other stormtroopers off the ground while holding a white lightsaber in the other hand, it's dope as fuck.

I'm standing on top of a fucking mound of dead fucking stormtroopers with a whole horde coming in to attack, blaster rounds are flying fucking everywhere and i'm handling it like a goddamn pro, there is also a star destroyer incoming from the sky, flanked by goddamn Tie Fighters and Imperial Walkers on the ground in the distance.

The Star system i'm on has a few moons/planets in the background, so it's pretty as fuck, please don't put it on Tattooine."

An X-Wing
Chris Demarais

(Original Request) The original Lord of the Rings poster with every face being his own face.

(After Pat said he didn't have time for that) Chris as a Hobbit

Josh Ornelas Himself with multiple arms, etherrealically playing multiple guitars The Flash
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