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Patrick M. Rodriguez was a production artist, voice actor, and the art director of Rooster Teeth Animation. He was also the host of the FIRST Member exclusive show called Quick Draw, a series where he interviews various Rooster Teeth staff members whilst illustrating their exploits. Additionally, he was one of the concept artists for RWBY, and has also voiced two minor characters in the show, and the art director for Camp Camp.

During his panel with Jon Risinger at RTX 2014, it was announced that Patrick would be working as the art director for X-Ray and Vav, of which a short teaser was shown. Patrick also voices the character of the Mayor. He has also provided art and voice work for Red vs. Blue, Sex Swing and RWBY Chibi.

As of December 2019, Patrick no longer works with Rooster Teeth Animation.[1]


  • He shares the same birthday with fellow RWBY voice actress, Kara Eberle.
  • He was a fan of Rooster Teeth before getting hired.
  • Patrick hails from San Antonio and is a graduate of the Art Institute of Dallas.[2]
  • Prior to joining RT, Patrick contributed art to some of the reviewers in Channel Awesome, including The Nostalgia Critic and Brad Jones.


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