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"What can I tell ya? I guess some things are just harder to face than others."
— North Dakota

Freelancer Agent North Dakota, often referred to as simply North, was an agent in the Special Operation's program Freelancer. Being that he was in the first implantation group, he was given an artificial intelligence program: Theta. Because of the Epsilon Incident, the A.I. project was cancelled, and all constructs were ordered to be removed, willingly or by exterminating the agent.

Being that North still had his A.I. indicates that he was able to escape, Theta inherited a fairly innocuous trait or that Project Freelancer deemed the Dakotas experiment to take precedent over any risk that may come to him. Since Recovery Command was seemingly aware of North still carrying Theta (much to the surprise of Recovery One), it is possible that Theta is similar to the Delta A.I., being that it did not pose a threat.


North and South were both part of a superfluous experiment to study what would happen if one agent received an A.I. and another didn't. Being that they were twins, they were the ideal subjects for said experiment. In addition, with being both siblings and participating in a specific experiment, it is most likely they were assigned their respective codenames to colloquially refer to them and the experiment as "the Dakotas." The result of the experiment was South betraying her brother, allowing the Meta to kill him to take his A.I., Theta, and his armor enhancement. South was able to escape unharmed.

Role in Plot

Infiltration at Bjørndal Cryogenics

North and his sister, South, went on a mission to the Bjørndal Cryogenics Research Facility to recover a data file from an unknown enemy. While South recovered the data file, North provided sniper support from atop a smokestack, the steam from which concealed his presence. When a guard that South killed landed on an alarm, North ran to assist his sister, killing anyone that got in his way. He and South regrouped at a platform leading to the helipad and made their way to the extraction point, killing all the guards on the walkway.

When they made it to the center of the pad, they became surrounded by guards. However, Freelancer Carolina arrived and assisted them in fighting off the guards. During the course of the fighting, North noticesa guard manning a turret and aiming for South, which prompts him to push his sister out of the way but is heavily wounded in the process. Carolina later pulls the both of them out of the fight scene and they escape the facility on a Pelican, with the required data file safe in South's hand. Later, two Longswords show up and attempt to stop their escape.

With their Pelican taking heavy fire, North realized that he would need to take drastic action to ensure their survival. South is knocked out during the fighting and North straps her into a seat before ascending to the roof of the Pelican to face the Longswords. The missiles fired by the Longswords were heading straight for the Pelican and would have surely destroyed it, but North then activated a Domed Energy Shield which protected the Pelican from the oncoming missiles.

He made his way back into the vehicle, when they were rescued by a Freelancer frigate: Mother of Invention, that destroyed the pursuing Longswords. He was later briefed along with South and Carolina on the importance of the data they recovered and congratulated them on the success of the mission. Afterwards, the Director updates the Freelancer leaderboard, placing North ahead of South as she ruined the stealth aspect of the mission. As South angrily walked away, Carolina asked North if she should go talk to her. Upon seeing South punch a door control and knock it off the wall, North says to give her a while.

Mission for the Sarcophagus

Later on, he approached Agent Washington to ask about Wash's conversation with Internals. Wash told him not to worry as the meeting was unrelated to North using equipment in the field. Their conversation is interrupted by a group of soldiers making their way to the training room to watch Agents MaineWyoming, and York square off against a new agent. North, along with South, Washington, C.T. and Carolina, watched the new recruit, Agent Texas, defeat the trio.

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