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Nicolas "Nico" Audy-Rowland is the frontman of Trocadero, who ever since watching the first episodes of Red vs. Blue has built a long career contributing music to Rooster Teeth Productions, credited under either his name or that of his band. Along with Red vs. Blue, where he also co-wrote and co-directed the Season 14 episode, "Red vs. Blue: The Musical", he also composed for The Strangerhood with Jeff Williams under the name "The Uggos".

A native French, Nico was born in Spain and grew up in Saint Barths, where he still has a house. He moved to the United States at the age of 16, initially in the Boston area, as he graduated from Amherst College and formed Trocadero in Cambridge, but has since moved to Seattle. Nico also works as a contract translator.


  • Nico's interest in RvB owes to his fandom of Halo developer Bungie, which started with Marathon, as during the time he met RT he was contributing songs to Project Magma's maps for their 1998 RTS Myth II.
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