Mike Kroon is an online entertainer. Previously, in early 2012, he interned at Rooster Teeth and was included in several productions. Mike was featured in "RT Recap - Week of March 2nd (feat. Gus and Intern Mike!)"[2] and worked on videos in the series Five Facts. In addition, Mike is an admin on RT Site Admin Badge

Internet Box Edit

Before and after Mike's position with Rooster Teeth, one of his other projects was the Internet Box Podcast. Mike was the web host of the podcast's site, edited episodes, and was a featured personality.

Later, he appeared on Off Topic Podcast #60 "This is Internet Box" on January 20, 2017.

Other projectsEdit

Mike's main project is Mikecast, a weekly stream primarily starring himself and his friend Westy. In addition to the Mikecast, Mike is the sole creator and voice actor of "Tom & Bill". The series is exclusively on YouTube,[3] and has 2 Seasons with a total of 19 episodes.



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