Meredith Hagan is a singer who has collaborated with Trocadero. She was introduced to Red vs. Blue by her friends in 2014, and less than a year later recorded a cover of Chorus Trilogy opening theme "Contact" which she posted on her Tumblr. That same day Miles Luna heard it, passed it onto Nico Audy-Rowland, and less than a month later Meredith had been recruited to do a remake of the song, which became "Contact Redux", which plays during the Season 13 ending credits. Meredith has since performed in all RvB seasons but 15, most notably singing "Slingshot" in the Death Battle crossover and songs in the final episodes of both season 16 and 17. She also did "Flying Bird" for the special 200th episode of Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures, "That's My Uncle".

In her day job, Meredith works as a barista. She was present in all RTX events between 2015 (during which she filmed the video for "Contact Redux") and 2018, in the last one gathering an unofficial choir.

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