'Half-breeds always smell of sweet urine, as if they've had one too many cranberries.'
— McKinley

McKinley: Werewolf Slayer! is an RT Short published on YouTube on February 22, 2015. On their return home from killing a famous half-breed, a master hunter and his companions discover more danger awaits them in the woods ahead.

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The short opens with Jon and his companion, Javier, walking through the woods, looking for McKinley. They hear a half-breed roaring and see Chris running at them, blood on his shirt. Javier's gun jams, but McKinley steps out and shoots Chris, killing him. McKinley states that Chris was a half-breed returned to his human form and they decide to go to the village to tell of McKinley's victory. On the way there, McKinley shoots an old man, claiming he was a half-breed. Jon questions how he knew, and McKinley says that half-breeds "always smell of sweet urine" with Javier claiming he smells it too. They continue their walk, coming across Arryn, a villager whose bike has run out of whale oil while she was going to town to get her grandmother medicine. McKinley shoots her, claiming it was a half-breed trap. Jon and Javier question him, with Jon starting to doubt him. His doubts are deepened when McKinley shoots a rat, saying that it was close to killing him. They continue walking, coming across a large group of people celebrating. One man offers McKinley a beer, but instead of accepting McKinley begins to shoot the entire group and kills them all, including Javier when he tries to stop it. Jon and McKinley see an actual half-breed attacking a man. McKinley doesn't take the shot, and thinks that the half-breed is a regular man and the man is the half-breed. He tells Jon that they will go to the next village and tell them of his victory. Jon agrees and as McKinley turns away, his eyes glow yellow revealing that Jon is a half-breed.

Trivia Edit

  • This short was sponsored by The Order: 1886.
  • The Texas Renaissance Festival helped out with this short.
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