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Master and Apprentice is a show where Adam Ellis and Marcus LaPorte create props from various pop culture.

Originally revealed at RTX London, it premiered on Facebook, followed by the premiere on the Rooster Teeth website, which was followed another week later by the premiere on YouTube.

Episodes Edit

Season 1 Edit

# Title Description Original Air Date Link
1 Destiny 2 - Wardcliff Coil In the first episode of the series, Marcus and Adam face a tough build as they tackle Destiny 2's Wardcliff Coil. December 29, 2017 1
2 Blade Runner - Retinal Scanner Marcus and Adam fabricate a replicant identifying retinal scanner inspired by the production design and aesthetic of the Blade Runner universe. January 5, 2018 2
3 Star Wars - Custom Lightsabers Marcus and Adam build their own custom lightsabers. Always two there are, no more, no less. A master, and an apprentice. January 12, 2018 3
4 Alien - Motion Tracker Adam and Marcus build a Xenomorph detecting motion tracker from the game Alien: Isolation. January 19, 2018 4
5 Monster Hunter: World - Jaw Blade Adam and Marcus fabricate a massive 7 foot sword out of balsa wood, it's Monster Hunting time! January 26, 2018 5
6 Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker In order to accomplish their most challenging build to date, Marcus and Adam travel to Blizzard's campus in California to score some R & D from the artists and creators who made one of World Of Warcraft's most iconic weapons : Thunderfury Blessed Blade of the Windseeker. November 2, 2018 6
7 Making the Devil Sword Dante! - Devil May Cry 5 Marcus and Adam tackle their most challenging build to date, the Devil Sword Dante from Devil May Cry 5. April 3, 2019 7

Season 2 Edit

# Title Description Original Air Date Link
1 Making Custom Gaming Dice Marcus and Adam teach you how to make your own custom gaming dice! April 2, 2020 1
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