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My name is Marquee Marquis. You killed my father. Prepare to die.
— Marquee Marquis to Margaret Burnadicci

Marquee Marquis is the only representative for the 'French Association of Professionals'. He became an assassin due to the untimely death of his father. Marquee was with his father when Burnardo Burnadicci shot him with a sniper rifle, Burnado then bent over to tie his shoelace which hid him from being seen. Marquee then looked up to see Burnado's daughter, Margaret who was there due it being bring your child to work day. Marquee assumed Margaret was the killer which caused him to create his code where he does not kill men, only women and children.

Marquee also eliminated the 'Asesino Mexicano Espian' division, this of course going against his code. This happened due to Mavin leaving him an assassination request, asking him to eliminate mermaids. Mavin then gave So'rolla mermaid cuts outs to use at his Quinceñera. While the three member of 'Asesino Mexicano Espian' were posing for a photo in the mermaid cut outs, Marquee shot them with his Sniper Rifle.

Marquee was eliminated by Burnado Burnaddicci. Burnado did so when he found Marquee about to murder his daughter, Margaret, believing she was to blame for his father's death. Marquis managed to persuade Burnado not to kill him but Burnado soon after shot him as request of his daughter saying " Do you know what would be cool? If you shot this guy! "


  • Marquee Marquis' appearance is loosely based on Léon from Léon: The Professional.
  • Marquis' father is played by Joel Heyman.