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Marcus LaPorte is an employee of Rooster Teeth Productions working as the Live Action Production Designer in the Art Department.


Pre-Rooster Teeth[]

Before his employment at Rooster Teeth, Marcus worked on various film and Television productions, working as a Production Assistant and props and special effects artist. Marcus was a former employee of Troublemaker Studios for nine years with his first industry job being the PA for the film, Spy Kids 2.

His other notable works include Sin City, Friday the 13th, Predators, and more.

After leaving Troublemaker Studios in 2010, Marcus worked in the television commercial industry for four years while looking for a better role than as an assistant.

Within Rooster Teeth[]

Marcus discovered Rooster Teeth through a mutual contact that recommended the company due to a props fabricator being needed for the then unknown project at the time, Lazer Team. Testing his abilities, Marcus performed art direction for four RT Shorts before being offered the position of Production Designer for Lazer Team.

In 2015, Marcus was officially hired on as a Rooster Teeth employee from his original position of subcontractor during the feature film's production.

At Rooster Teeth, Marcus has had a hand in various live action productions with creating props and sets for such shows as Immersion, iBlade, RT Shorts, and various podcasts. He has also made small appearances on Achievement Hunter's Shenanigans and Off Topic, along with other RT live action videos. Marcus co-hosts Master and Apprentice with Adam Ellis.

Marcus occasionally helps with Slow Mo Guys videos as well if certain props or stunts are needed.

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