Lopez 2.0, also known as Dos point 0 is the successor to Lopez The Heavy created during Season 11 by the Red Team is response to the Blue Team finding their own robot. He is voiced by Shannon McCormick.

The red team see him as stupid in comparison to Lopez, because he doesn't respond to commands in the same way, they give up on him shortly after his construction, even though he was just as good of a mechanic as Lopez, he wasn't seen in the same way, eventually, Lopez taught him that the Reds are the worst people to work for, apart from the fact he can insult them without them knowing what is being said.

The reds realised that they needed to get another robot to help them fight Freckles,  the scavenged the Crashed Ship and found another Mantis Class Assault Droid, called C.C  which they dismantled and rebuilt, unsuccessfully.

Dos point 0, unlike Lopez, did not continue to show loyalty to the Reds, after a while, once Lopez and Dos point 0 had fixed C.C, Dos point 0 wanted to see C.C kill all the reds, and stole Lopez's idea of taking the fixed body of C.C to kill them all himself - He is killed when Donut throws a Teleport Grenade at him and teleports him into a Minefield, instantly killing him.

The head of Lopez The Heavy then proceeded to use Dos point 0's body.

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