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Lindsay Elise Jones (née Tuggey) is a Rooster Teeth employee, and former manager of Achievement Hunter. They primarily edit Achievement Hunter videos, but also occasionally stars in them. Lindsay was also a member of the Internet Box Podcast, before its conclusion. Lindsay co-created and directed the series X-Ray and Vav, based on AH, alongside Jordan Cwierz, and has voice roles in various RT shows.

Personal life

On May 9, 2014, Lindsay married fellow Achievement Hunter and Rooster Teeth employee Michael Jones. They also used to be a varsity volleyball player back in their high school days.

Lindsay also revealed on the Rooster Teeth Podcast that they once burned down a Frat House kitchen on their first visit there.

On November 12, 2016 during the Extra Life livestream, Lindsay announced that they were pregnant with Michael's baby.

On January 10, 2017, Michael revealed that he and Lindsay would be having a baby girl. [1] Their daughter, named Iris Elise Jones, was born May 24, 2017.[2]

On August 5, 2018 during RTX 2018, Lindsay announced that they were expecting a 2nd child due in February, 2019. On October 29, 2018, Lindsay and Michael revealed they would be having another baby girl.[3] Their second daughter, Luna Claire Jones, was born February 18, 2019.

In December 2020, Lindsay changed the pronouns in their social media bios to "They/Them", coming out as non-binary. Lindsay stated they still accept being called she/her, but prefer neutral pronouns from the community.[4]

Role in Company

Lindsay appeared on the Rooster Teeth Podcast several times and host the RT Recap on occasion. They participated in the second Achievement HORSE tournament, but lost to Gus in the first round. Lindsay has also appeared in various Let's Plays. They created the idea, and built the maps, of Let's Play Minecraft episodes Creeper Soccer and Buckingham Palace

Lindsay also took over Let's Builds along with fellow Achievement Hunter members Kdin Jenzen, Matt Bragg, and Jeremy Dooley. They have also appeared in some Let's Play Grand Theft Auto V episodes, as well as some Things To Do In... videos. In Versus Episode 49, Lindsay joined the rotation of contestants.

In April 2016, Lindsay was promoted to the Managing/Supervising Producer, general manager and head of AH. They were Geoff's successor as the head of Achievement Hunter management, taking over Geoff's behind the scenes managerial and directorial superintendent duties of Achievement Hunter, with Geoff focusing more towards the Let's Play family multi-channel network. However, they stepped down in February 2017 due to pregnancy, handing over the "boss" duties of AH to Trevor, and has since then begun to appear more on-camera, on-screen, and on-mic in AH shows, videos, and content.

They have appeared on On The Spot with Meg Turney and Michael Jones.


Lindsay co-starred in Ten Little Roosters and appear in the last scene of The Eleven Little Roosters.

In the Rooster Teeth series RWBY, Lindsay voices Ruby Rose. They also voiced Vanessa Kimball in Red vs Blue (where they were also Female Simmons in Season 14 and had minor roles in Season 16), Hilda in X-Ray and Vav, Space Kid in Camp Camp, and Razzle in gen:LOCK.


  • Lindsay is openly bisexual, coming out in Always Open (#60)
  • Lindsay is very fond of cats.
  • Lindsay met their future husband, Michael Jones, in the halls of the Rooster Teeth office back when they were still an intern. They complimented his tattoos and he told them to go away.
  • Lindsay states that, in order to get into character before recording lines for RWBY, they often yells Yang Xiao Long's name multiple times. Understandably, they also voice Yang's younger sister.
  • They are a huge fan of Jeff Goldblum.
  • Lindsay and Meg Turney are both fans of the documentary Blackfish.
  • They played varsity volleyball in high school.
  • In Minecraft episode 168 Lindsay stated Max Kruemcke is better at wearing high heels than they are.
  • If they could be a Pokémon, they would be Mew.
  • Their favorite restaurant is Taco Bell.
  • Lindsay has said that they want two or three kids.
    • After giving birth to two as of 2019, they talked about having four, because of sound logic of having even numbered family so they can sit in pairs on the rollercoaster. Michael is strongly opposed to that.[5][citation needed]
  • Lindsay once stated in a Let's Build that they were attracted to Severus Snape.
  • In January 2016, Lindsay became the behind-the-scenes head of Achievement Hunter. It was revealed on April 8 of the same year on the Achievement Hunter Podcast, Off Topic, by themself and Geoff Ramsey.
  • Lindsay and Michael shared their first kiss at a New Year's Eve party at Griffon Ramsey's art studio The Fort.
  • Lindsay was initially a dirty blonde, but they frequently dye their hair, most notably red, though much lighter than Ruby's primarily black (with red tint).
  • As of 2018, their desk (along with Trevor's and Alfredo's) is in the main room, behind Geoff and Jack.
  • Lindsay's Minecraft skin is Kazooie from Banjo-Kazooie. Fittingly, Michael uses Banjo in the same game.
    • In their first appearance in Minecraft 'Creeper Soccer', they had the Peasant skin from Skin Pack 3.
  • Lindsay is known to really make mistakes in video games (including answering the wrong question in Rouletsplay Quiplash 2). This is especially clear in GTA V.
    • Their style of driving eventually led to Achievement Hunter doing a playlist where they were to win every race - and they STILL managed to end up third in the second one when Michael and Ryan inadvertently overtook them at the line thanks to a clever move on their part. Michael would've been overall second and Ryan third had this not happened. To ice the cake, the other Achievement Hunters had each bet $1,000 on them, and their third-place finish cost them several thousand dollars (in-game); Lindsay was the only one who didn't bet, and therefore didn't lose any money.
      • One of the rules for that particular episode was that if they were to make contact with another player, that player was to go to last place. Lindsay started one race in reverse, and hit a stationary Gavin (who missed the original mayhem having been the only one to take the other route) in another.
    • Despite all this, they are surprisingly good at Mario Kart and Mario Party, even winning the second 50-turn match (after finishing second to Michael in the first).



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