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"Jack is on fire lately!" "Literally." ~ Geoff and Gavin

Let's Play Minecraft: Episode 48 - Enchantment Level 30 - Part II is the 48th episode in Achievement Hunter's Let's Play Minecraft series. This is the second part of Level 30 Enchantment; the lads and gents have been competing for the Tower of Pimps by getting to level 30 and enchanting a bow.



The episode opens with Ryan chasing down Michael and killing him, causing Michael to lose all his experience, although Ryan only gained a little from his kill. Geoff continues to mess with the players by being invisible and he even goes back to Achievement City to pour water into Gavin's Trophy Room to represent his tears.

Geoff lies, telling them that Jack was near Achievement City and seeing if the others would go there, Gavin actually went, giving Jack the time he needed to return to the set and enchant his bow, winning the Tower of Pimps for himself.

They return to their homes and erect the Tower, where Gavin - after seeing what's become of his trophy room - sets Jack's house on fire.

Victory Celebration[]


  • This episode was the last of Jack and Michael having the tower back and fourth (Going Jack, Michael, Michael, Jack, Jack, Michael, Jack) It ended after the three week long The End and started up again with Shopping List where Gavin won.