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Let's Play Live is an ongoing live on-stage event produced by Rooster Teeth in which Achievement Hunter and members of the Let's Play family play video games and perform comedy sketches in front of a live audience. Their first event was held on February 20, 2015, at the Moody Theater in Austin, Texas starring Achievement Hunter, Funhaus, ScrewAttack, and other Rooster Teeth staff members and special guest stars who are Internet personalities.[1] On September 14, a documentary was released about the event for sponsors on their website.

Starting in June 2016, LPL toured through multiple cities across America.[2][3] In 2016, three more Let's Play Live! shows were held, with the first at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California on June 17,[4] the second at the Chicago Theatre in Chicago, Illinois on August 19, and the third at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City, New York on October 8. These events also feature appearances by other members of the Let's Play family; with Achievement Hunter, Funhaus and ScrewAttack reprising their roles in addition to Kinda Funny, Cow Chop and The Creatures.

In early March 2017, four more Let's Play Live! shows were announced across the American Eastern Seaboard as part of the East Coast Tour. The tour was held during the last week of April 2017, lasting from April 24 to April 30, 2017, with them going to the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark, New Jersey,[5] the Hippodrome Theatre in Baltimore,[6] Maryland, Hard Rock Live in Orlando, Florida and the Straz Center for the Performing Arts in Tampa, Florida.[7][8][9]

One more Lets Play Live! concert show was held in early August 2018 as part of RTX 2018 at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas on August 2.

In January 2019, Achievement Hunter performed three Let's Play Live! shows in Australia known as AH Live![42] after Rooster Teeth announced in August 2018 that they would be replacing RTX Sydney 2019 with Let's Play Live!


“Everyone who has ever lived has wanted to be a rock star... since talent is required, that’s not going to happen. So this is the next best thing.”

- Geoff Ramsey, Let's Play Creative Director and co-founder of Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter[10]

Described by event organizer Geoff Ramsey and Jack Pattillo as, "the new-media equivalent of a concert or sporting event," LPL re-creates web videos his company is best known for, playing video games in a humorous manner to a live audience.

Let's Play Live! (often abbreviated as LPL) is an American live touring let's play on-stage rock band concert-styled and sporting event-influenced in-person gaming event show as well one of the newest innovative forms of gaming entertainment created, hosted, directed, produced, orchestrated and performed by Rooster Teeth in which and where various Rooster Teeth staff members (Achievement Hunter, Funhaus), along with some non-Rooster Teeth employees who are special guest stars (i.e. Game Grumps, mega64) and occasionally audience members play video games, release shenanigans, funny drama skits/plays, magic tricks, dance, play musical instruments and sing in a wave of colorful lights and spotlights, music, sounds and smoke machines as well as release and perform comedy sketches on a large center stage at a theater or ballroom in front of a huge live audience crowd in person, especially including doing stuff they "aren't allowed to do on YouTube" (i.e. taking off their shirts). As the name would suggest, Let’s Play Live will feature members of Rooster Teeth's Achievement Hunter and Funhaus (along with other fellow RT staff and special guests) in a live on-stage in-person rock-concert-styled setting which fans can attend and catch all the Rooster Teeth Achievement Hunter action in person (which doesn't seem incredibly dissimilar to gatherings like DigiTour, which put digital stars directly in front of their fans). The website site for Let's Play Live states the Achievement Hunter members will be “doing what they do best, having an awesome time playing your favorite video games.”[11][12][13]

Let's Play Live grew out of Rooster Teeth's gaming division, Achievement Hunter, as well as newcomer Funhaus, a fellow Rooster Teeth subsidiary gaming channel hub launched two weeks earlier. It is now a collaboration with multiple channels including members of the Let's Play family: Funhaus, ScrewAttack, Kinda Funny, Cow Chop and The Creatures.

At each Let's Play Live show, the Rooster Teeth staff members and personalities who frequently appear on the Let's Play channel will play games with each other, interact with fans in an “IRL,” and offer an exclusive experience that won't show up on YouTube. Several many members of the Achievement Hunter, led by founders Geoff Ramsey and Jack Pattillo, will attend the events, as will Adam Kovic and Bruce Greene and many other hosts of the Funhaus channel, a gaming hub Rooster Teeth launched back in early in February 2015.

The event was co-founded by Rooster Teeth staff members Jack Pattillo, Geoff Ramsey and Gus Sorola. Ever since it's founding, Let's Play Live has grown, expanded, developed and evolved from a small "test event" concert at a decent sized theatre stage locally in Downtown Austin, Texas at Austin City Limits (ACL) Live back in mid-February 2015 featuring only Achievement Hunter, newcomer Funhaus (which recently joined Rooster Teeth two weeks ago), and several other Rooster Teeth staff members (i.e. Adam Ellis, Gus Sorola) and special guests (i.e. creators of #IDARB) to a growing cross country franchise concert road trip tour featuring the entire Rooster Teeth Let's Play channel family network, with Achievement Hunter and Funhaus reprising their roles alongside fellow ScrewAttack! (now ScrewAttck's secondary gaming channel division and Rooster Teeth's newest gaming brand Game Attack), Kinda Funny, The Creatures and Cow Chop, with the event having already covered four major cities in four different states (Austin, Texas, Los Angeles, California, Chicago, Illinois, and Manhattan, New York City, New York) as of December 2016 and with four more shows and concerts to come in April 2017 starting Newark, continuing through Baltimore and Orlando before finishing in Tampa.[14][15][16] At present, Gus, Jack, Geoff and Bethany Feinstein are in charge of the event.

Official Description[]

Let's Play Live brings your favorite YouTube entertainers from Rooster Teeth and beyond to one stage for a non-stop frenzy of gaming and comedy. Prepare to laugh your asses off at the idiots from Achievement Hunter and Funhaus and anymore else from Rooster Teeth or special guests who are Internet personalities, doing what they do the best (and worst). It's all of the insanity, gaming, comedy and energy of a rock show, but without the annoying drugs, vomit, and nudity. Get your tickets so you don't miss out because it's like nothing you've ever seen before.
Get ready for a non-stop frenzy of gaming and comedy with Let’s Play Live, a multi-platform entertainment event that explores the convergence of gaming and community, featuring members of the wildly popular YouTube channels Achievement Hunter and Funhaus.
On stage, these self-described lunatics will play a variety of games (including Halo 4, #IDARB, GTA V, Dive Kick, Prop Hunt, Minecraft and more), at times selecting members of the audience to join them on stage. Participants from Achievement Hunter include Geoff Ramsey, Jack Pattillo, Michael Jones, Jeremy Dooley, Ryan Haywood and Gavin Free, all set loose on stage opposite to Funhaus members Bruce Greene, Adam Kovic, Lawrence Sonntag, James Willems and Elyse Willems. These lovable Rooster Teeth team members will wreck havoc on stage, live and in-person!
Produced by Rooster Teeth’s Let’s Play network, Let’s Play Live promises riotous laughs, expert gaming, and all the insane energy of a rock concert. The show has been described as “Othello meets the Three Stooges.” In other words, it’s like nothing you've ever seen before.
Last year, Let’s Play Live sold out engagements in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, so get your tickets now for this one-of-a-kind live event.
Official website

History and development[]

2014: Inception and idea[]

The idea and inspiration for the first Rooster Teeth in-gaming person event is said to have come from Achievement Hunter performing live video game play throughs at RTX 2014 live, powered and broadcasted by Twitch, playing Minecraft and GTA V Online video games entertaining their fans in-person on the RTX center stage as well as performing comedy sketches in front of a live audience crowd in a very similar manner, which puts the Achievement Hunter and some other Rooster Teeth staff members in front of a live audience to play games and entertain their fans.[17][18][19][20][21][22][23][24][25][26] Jack discussed the possibility of making this "idea" become a "thing" with Geoff and Gus on and off for a bit from time to time.[27][28] The idea once again reignited and came to life in fall of 2014, following the success of Rooster Teeth's 2014 24-hour Extra Life live stream, benefiting Extra Life, a fundraiser charity benefiting hospitalized children. With 2014's Extra Life live stream raising over $442,000 for Children's Miracle Network (Rooster Teeth raised a total of $442, 389 for Extra Life), Rooster Teeth, which recently became acquired by Fullscreen, set their plans in motion for this concert, believing that people will pay to watch some of their favorite digital stars play video games in person, a Let’s Play Live event, which will premiere at the Austin City Limits (ACL) Live at the Moody Theater in Austin, Texas, on Friday, February 20, 2015. Initial plans were to host the concert in December 2014, however, the release date was pushed back to February 2015.[29]

According to Achievement Hunter's Jack Patillo, the Let's Play Live show may not have been restricted to just Austin's city limits in the future. He told an inquiring Twitter user that the event could “expand into a larger tour” if it's successful enough (which it could very well be, considering the Achievement Hunter panels and live video game play-throughs at Rooster Teeth's annual RTX convention are always packed to the brim).[30]

On January 21, 2015, Gus (and an archived post on Achievement Hunter's Facebook page) ave more details on the event, writing that they "are going to be doing something totally new and totally awesome! Achievement Hunter, Rooster Teeth, special guests, games! Let's Play Live is just a month away! Come meet the gang, watch a one of a kind new type of show and brag to your friends that you were THERE and you actually saw it.". The fans can still get tickets here.

On January 24, 2015, Rooster Teeth uploaded a YouTube video, claiming that tickets were on sale now.

On January 27, 2015, Inside Gaming co-founder and main host Adam Kovic announced that he along with the rest of the founding and first generation of Machinima Inc's Inside Gaming group (Himself and Bruce Greene as well as James Willems, Lawrence Sonntag, Matt Peake in addition to Sean "Spoole" Poole and Joel Rubin) would be leaving Machinima Inc. Jack Pattillo replied and invited him to the event. Adam replied and said that he would "[possibly] consider coming".[31]

On February 4, 2015, Jack announceed that ScrewAttack staff members would be joining to participate at Let's Play Live.[32] On February 10, 2015, a promo video was uploaded and released to YouTube. 


The Achievement Hunter performers will be represented by the main six Achievement Hunter hosts (Geoff, Jack, Ryan, Michael, Gavin and Ray) with occasional appearances from behind the scenes Achievement Hunter editors Lindsay, Matt (Bragg) and Jeremy. The Funhaus team performers will be represented by Adam, Bruce, James and Lawrence. There would also be performers from ScrewAttack. Not only that, but they will be joined by other staff members from Rooster Teeth and other special guests who are Internet personalities! They will be available before the show and after the show to do meet & greets and chat with attendees. On stage during the show they will be playing games and at times even occasionally selecting people from the audience to come up on stage and take part in the show.


As for what exactly will be happening on stage, the cast members and performers and their special guests will be playing games which include Halo, #IDARB, GTA V, Dive Kick, Prop Hunt, Minecraft AND MORE! Rooster Teeth promises that this is over a three hour long show which will entertain from beginning to end on a wonderful Friday night.


Achievement Hunter, Funhaus, Rooster Teeth, ScrewAttack, special guests who are Internet personalities, video games, shenanigans and comedy sketches. There will be exclusive merchandise not available anywhere else so Rooster Teeth encouraged the audience to come meet the gang, watch a one of a kind new type of show and brag to their friends that they were THERE in person and they really saw it. It will be an event not to be missed.


Rooster Teeth claimed that they are going to be taking over the show at Austin City Limits (ACL) Live at Moody Theater in its home city of Austin, Texas and the venue is absolutely amazing. In case the fans never been there, there are no bad seats in the house. Period. Even the seat furthest from the stage is extremely close with a fantastic view. No binoculars are needed.


Tickets were still available at this time. For more info, fans were encouraged to goo check out the Let's Play Live site for more information and links to ticketing. If they were in a hurry to find the tickets they were advised to go straight to the ticketing page and get tickets.

Rooster Teeth tweeted that tickets are now on sale via Ticketfly for the Let's Play Live show in Austin starting at $39.50 per person. VIP ticket options are also available at $218 per person. Interestingly enough, no professional photography or audio/video recording equipment (cell phones, video cameras) will be allowed at the event. Professional photography equipment or audio/video recording equipment will NOT be permitted. This was either because Rooster Teeth wants to make the initiative exclusive for attendees or maybe that's just Austin City Limits‘ policy.

Criticism ensued from several fans, complaining and criticizing that in addition to not being allowed to bring any cell phones, photo/video cameras, audio or video recording devices or any personal electronic devices whatsoever the tickets were also very expensive per person (including VIP tickets) and that this show will not be recorded or streamed to be published on twitch and YouTube because Rooster Teeth wanted this to be a very unique experience, although some fans were ashamed that a majority of them wouldn't be able to see it in person.[33][34]

2015: Initial local inaugural test event concert in Austin's city limits[]

Rooster Teeth Presents: Let's Pay Live![]

Their first initial concert, called a "test event" was held on the night of Friday, February 20, 2015, at the Moody Theater in Austin, Texas (full info here and here) starring Achievement Hunter and Funhaus (which had recently joined the Rooster Teeth family along with other Rooster Teeth staff members, ScrewAttack and Internet personalities.[35][36][37][38]

Chronology of the event[39][]

Fans who uploaded pictures of the pre-show crowd at Let's Play Live and just got back home from the show (it ended at about 12:30) were willing to share their experience. Also, they live in Austin. Here's a fan's experience:

Fans began arriving at 5-6:00 p.m. and most of them got there at about 6:10 with friends, but they had already let people into the front doors of the venue (fore those who are familiar with the Moody Theater) and on fan, in particular waited for a friend since they and their buddy had his ticket to get in. Getting into the venue occurred at about about 6:20 p.m.

The merchandise line line was very long and endless. Some fans claimed that they really wanted to get a Let's Play Live poster, but it was so dishearteningly long. It wrapped around in so many directions that there was no way that they would wait to get one (They were super cheap though, $10, but they were kind of small). Also, most people were around college age (around 17 to 22), so they only saw a couple of "kids."

Some fans also went up to the balcony where their seats were, waiting for the doors to open. They opened about 45 minutes behind schedule, which didn't ease well with an already skeptical view of the event. When they went to sit down, it wasn't too crowded. There was a Twitter feed that updated live with #LetsPlayLive. Some people exploited it for spam, but nothing offensive came up. The Pre-show revealed this picture on the big middle screen. On the left screen, the wi-fi access codes were given. The username SSID was "LETSPLAYLIVE" and the password was "ROOSTERTEETH". The Twitter feed showed up on the right screen

Then the EDM Opening Act started. This is one of a fan's problems with the event (the one taking pictures) because they were "already waiting pretty late to see the show". The last thing that they wanted was a DJ to "do the same fucking drop" (based around 8-bit music, nonetheless) over and over again for 30 minutes while waiting for the actual entertainment that they wanted. Having an opening act was kind of a nuisance in a sense. It was the equivalent of having the Achievement Hunter Intro go on for 30 minutes before the fans see the actual Let's Play. People in the crowd seemed to be fine with it, though.

Then, the fan taking pictures had a twelve year old (one of the couple that he/she saw) sit down with his father in the seat next to the fan. He got worried about this at first, especially when the kid just yelled "GOING CAKELESS" randomly in the middle of the Worms Let's Play, but he wasn't that much of an issue since his dad had to go everywhere with him. The father was visible unamused, too, which was entertaining in itself.

Suddenly, the lights dimmed. Everyone got excited. Then, a rap music video called the Tower of Pimps rap about Let's Play Minecraft plays on the screen. The Twitter feed and the wi-fi code information vanished on both left and right side screens. It was pretty jarring. While a fan admitted that it was entertaining with some of its jokes, it was pretty "cheesy and lame".

Finally, the Introducing the Achievement Hunters arrived, standing on stage, spotlights glowing upon them and their custom-made neon lit desks. The desks looked pretty cool, with LED beams along the sides. Jack began to get people hyped up, and he was basically the host for the whole show. From left to right stood Ryan, Jack, Geoff, Gavin, Michael and Ray. The three desk tables on the left side were neon blue on the sides. The three desks on the right were neon red beams on the side edges. The logo also returned on the big center screen.

The first game they played was Halo 4 multiplayer. Gents were blue team, and Lads were red team. The sides of their desks glowed with their team colors as before. Furthermore, three blue spotlights shone on the Team Gents (Geoff, Ryan and Jack) while three red spotlights shone on Team Lads (Michael, Gavin and Ray).There was obviously a lot of production value spent on the aesthetics of the show. Halo was a rough start, though, mainly because you couldn't see the screens unless they made the main large screen a replica of someone else's screen (sort of similarly to the live Let's Plays at RTX). One fan in particular had claimed they had "no idea what the hell was going on for all of it and was worried".

Next, after Halo 4, the next game they began setting up was #IDARB, with Jack and the creators of #IDARB on the stage setting up the gameplay for Achievement Hunter vs. Funhaus in #IDARB

The next game they played was #IDARB, Funhaus vs. Achievement Hunter. (Jack, Ray, Michael, and Ryan representing Team Achievement Hunter while Adam, bruce, James and Lawrence representing Team Funhaus). The creators of the game were there, and they told us that Achievement Hunter was going to play a new version of the game with some new hashtags to use. Everyone was able to use Twitter hashtags to affect the game. The best one was #gus, which made a still of Gus giving a thumbs up appear over the screen. It was totally hilarious. This is what happens when you use #gus in #IDARB. It worked a lot better, too, since everyone shares a screen, so you didn't have to deal with stage cam and split-screen between eight players. AH barely won. Achievement Hunter will be available to play as characters in the future, as well. Also, Ray was a taco.

Next was Let's Play Worms in Worms Battlegrounds. Featuring Ray's pornstar team and Geoff's "Gavin's Angels" team. This was a definite highlight of the show. Geoff was pretty drunk at this point (Geoff's team was "Gavin's Angels," with his worms named Meg, Meg 2, Also Meg, and something else). Ray returned with his pornstar team. Gavin had his usual weird names. The fans however, don't remember Michael's team. It was your typical Worms Let's Play, in the best way possible. Lots of screw-ups and laughter. Gavin Spider-Manned all the way across the ceiling of the map with ropes, just to screw up and fall to his demise into the water at the end. It was incredible.

Another funny moment was Geoff's beer crew. This worker held up Geoff's beer for him to notice it for a solid five minutes before he finally just walked on stage to hand it to him. Everyone was yelling at Geoff for him to notice, but he had his headphones on the whole time. It was hilarious to see no one from Achievement Hunter noticing this one worker just trying to give Geoff his booze.

Next was the GTA V Heist. Dressed up for the GTA V Heist. Ryan & Michael came out wearing leather jackets, and they described their plan to hold a hostage situation in a bar (best quote of the segment: "Geoff, you're going to infiltrate the bar. They'll never suspect anything."). Ryan also work a black skull mask for a little bit, and he gave us a [minimal] strip tease. It was fun, especially with drunk Geoff attempting to drive properly (don't drink and drive, kids), but it went on for a little too long. Jack and Michael ended up just killing themselves in a plane crash on purpose at the end.

Then, intermission.

(The fan taking pictures of this got to talk with Barbara during this time. She was very nice and incredibly approachable despite the crowd. Apparently they don't allow any "non-television" and "non-friends of the show" people into the offices anymore due to a "security incident". Barbara seemed to be implied that it was due to a fan, but I can't say for certain. Kind of sucks.)

When the intermission ended, the got to see the Lazer Team teaser. Fans said that "this movie looks pretty very funny!" Fans were also pretty impressed with Michael's acting from what you can see in the teaser.

Then, sirens began to sound.

Paging Doctor Jones and Doctor Free with paramedics Matt Bragg and Jeremy Dooley. Come in Doctor Jones. Surgeon Simulator...on wheels!

Gavin and Michael, wearing scrubs, played Surgeon Simulator (the level with the bed moving through the hospital) sitting ON a mobile hospital bed with Matt and Jeremy (donning doctors' coats) pushing them around with the TV. They were pushed all through the floor aisles with lots of falling off and bed-surfing. It went on for a little too long, but it was still hilarious. They even got Matt and Jeremy to switch with them onto the bed at the end.

The Divekick Tournament was up next. Featuring lucky guest audience members It was a bracket-style tournament with 16 players. ScrewAttack (Craig, Shaun, one other SA employee), Joel Heyman, Lindsey, Matt, Jeremy, and Adam Ellis were the Rooster Teeth team. The remaining eight players were audience members that had been randomly chosen by lottery prior to the show (the announced the winning seats after Worms). The audience players played along pretty well. The audience member that lasted the longest (one of the guys from ScrewAttack ended up winning) won one of the art books of RWBY that were only available in Japan (only 5 came to the U.S.). ScrewAttack also announced that if you use the coupon LPL, you can get also $10 off a ticket to SGC 2015.

Prop Hunt was next. This was really fun, and it worked similarly to the Prop Hunt Let's Play at RTX. The audience would laugh their asses off whenever someone would go totally scot-free after someone thoroughly searched a room. Also, this saw the debut of Millie, who sat on Geoff's lap for the remainder of the show. Griffon came up and hugged Geoff and Millie, and it was adorable.

The show began to close with Let's Play Minecraft. They played on a brand new map built by Matt for Let's Play Live: CAPTURE THE TOWER XX. It (Capture the Tower XX) was built in a giant hamburger being eaten by a giant [fat] version of Jack's Trials avatar in Minecraft (players entered the structure through Jack's "anus"). The hamburger itself is the arena. Enter through Jack's butthole. They switched the cacti for spider webs so items wouldn't be destroyed, and they added hanging horses with diamond horse armor suspended under the high path so you could swing from horse to horse while being protected from arrows. Millie played for Geoff through most of it, which was hilarious. Any time the Lads would frustrated Geoff, he'd send Millie to shove Gavin in his seat. Also, whenever Millie got killed, Geoff would yell "HOW COULD YOU, YOU JUST KILLED A 9-YEAR-OLD GIRL!!!" Lads won with three scores in a row. It was a wonderful play. Even Ray did his class "zoom-in-on-his-face" cam.

The lights went down and most people in the balcony began to leave.

Then they brought out for a smoke machine. There was a grand finale.

The Achievement Hunters (and Millie) walked out with guitar, drum, keytar, and microphone controllers. They were playing "Bohemian Rhapsody" on Rock Band for the final Let's Play (to go with the exclusive posters). Someone's controller kept on messing up, though, so it got off to a slow start. During the guitar solo, Ray would loudly swear every time that he screwed up. Everyone in the audience was singing along. During the operatic part, they had the guys from Funhaus (Adam, Bruce, James and Lawrence) and the other Rooster Teeth employees (Adam Ellis) come on stage to sing along. When the rock part began, smoke "pyrotechnics" began spraying during alternating beats. It was absolutely incredible.

Shortly after the lyrics in the rock part began, however, the controller disconnected again. Michael, taking matters into his own hands, began smashing the guitar controller on stage Pete Townsend-style. Ray followed shortly, and Jack kicked over his drum kit. Everyone cheered wildly. Goodbyes were said, and the night was wrapped up after about 3 and a half hours. It was probably the most appropriate ending to the night, in a Rooster Teeth kind of way.

Overall, the fans said it was a large success, and they had a blast. There were some minor things that they felt they would personally change (no opening act, keeping the stage cam only on the side screens and cutting between single players' screens on the big center screen like during the actual Let's Plays, no Minecraft Rap), but it was a great experience, and they certainly glad that they went, as Jack and the rest of the gang obviously put a lot of thought and effort into it. They hoped that they tighten things up so more people can experience this. They obviously put a lot of work and creative thought into the show, and it worked out pretty well. In short, their first inaugural test event went very successful and great, with many fans giving it favorable and positive reviews.

It was announced that Rooster Teeth would debut "Let's Play Live: The Documentary" on September 14, 2015. On that day, a documentary was released about the event for sponsors on their website. It can be found here.

2016: Three sequels and growth: Los Angeles, Chicago and Manhattan[]

In 2016, three more Let's Play Live! shows and concerts were held, with the first at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California on June 17[40] (full info here) the second at the Chicago Theatre in Chicago, Illinois on August 19 (more info here, here, here and here and the third to be held at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City, New York on October 8 (full info here). Achieveemnt Hunter and Funhaus repreised their roles from the first concert (excluding Ray, Spoole and Joel Rubin) These events also feature appearances by other members of the Let's Play family; Funhaus, ScrewAttack, Game Attack, Kinda Funny, Cow Chop and The Creatures (full info here).

Let's Play Live! 2 in Los Angeles/LA,[]

California[41][42] ==== A second rendition of the Let's Play Live concert in Los Angeles, CA (California) was announceed on April 18, 2016 featuring the entire newly formed Rooster Teeth Let's PLay gaming channel family network, with Achievement Hunter, Funhaus and ScrewAttack reprising their roles in addition to newcomers Kinda Funny, The Creatures and Cow Chop.[43][44][45][46][47][48][49][50][51]


6 teams, with 25 members in total.

Achievement Hunter: Geoff, Jack, Ryan, Michael, Gavin and Jeremy

Funhaus: Adam, Bruce, James, Lawrence, and Elyse

ScrewAttack: Craig, Shaun, Bryan and Parker

Kinda Funny: Greg, Nick, Tim and Colin

The Creatures and Cow Chop: Jordan/Kootra, James, Aleks, etc.

Other Rooster Teeth staff members and special guests who are Internet personalities may also show up.


GTA 5 Online, Ultimate Chicken Horse, Dark Souls, Push Me Pull You, Gang Beasts, The Culling.


Achievement Hunter, Funhaus, ScrewAttack, Kinda Funny, The Creatres and Cow Chop. Like the previous event, there would be merchandise sold there as well as the performers meeting their fans doing signings after the show.


This show would kick off a three major city tour franchise, beginning in the West Coast. It was held at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, the hometown and home base for Funhaus and The Know division in Rooster Teeth Los Angeles.

Let's Play Live! 3: Chicago, Illinois[]

Let's Play Live! 4: Manhattan, New York City, New York[52]

The three city tour would conclude in the East Coast on early October during New York Comic Con (NYCC) 2016. Let's Play Live in New York City will be coming back for the third and final Let's Play Live of the year in the Big Apple, with special guest appearances from other Rooster Teeth staff members (Lindsay Jones, Miles Luna) who were at NYCC 2016 Booth 756. The NYC LPL took place during the 2016 New York Comic-Con in the Hammerstein Ballroom and was broadcast live to over 240 theaters across the country in collaboration with Fathom Events.[53]


Starring: Achievement Hunter, Funhaus, and Cow Chop.

Date: Saturday, October 8, 2016 at 8:00PM EST (doors at 7:00 P.M.)

Location: Manhattan Center Hammerstein Ballroom, New York, NY

2017: East Coast Tour: Newark, Baltimore, Orlando and Tampa[54][55][56][57][]

On March 2, 2017, Rooster Teeth announced that their will and intentions to expand the Let's Play Live" into a full blown cross country tour franchise, adding four more shows in April. Rooster Teeth's Let's Play channel is once again bringing its show on the road. From April 24–30, 2017 the video game hub will travel to four American cities as part of its latest Let's Play Live tour.

At each Let's Play Live show, the Rooster Teeth personalities who frequently appear on the Let's Play channel will play games with each other, interact with fans in an “IRL,” (meaning in real life, aka in person experience) and offer an exclusive experience that won't show up on YouTube. Several members of the Achievement Hunter team, led by founder Geoff Ramsey and Jack Pattillo, will attend the events, as will the hosts of the Funhaus channel lead by Adam Kovic and Bruce Greene, a fellow Rooster Teeth gaming hub channel and a sibling to Achievement Hunter that was Rooster Teeth launched in back in February 2015, two weeks before the first Let's Play Live event.

After first launching Let's Play Live in its home city of Austin back in mid-February 2015 two years ago, Rooster Teeth brought its event series across the nation of the US with a three-city cross country tour that hit, Los Angeles, California in mid-June 2016, Chicago in mid-August and Manhattan, New York City in early October of that same year. The 2017 edition of the tour franchise sequels will begin in Newark and will run through Baltimore and Orlando before concluding in Tampa in a matter of one week on the last week of April, 2017. “We managed to sell out out home base two years ago and we also gave away three major cities last year, so we’re not going to rest until we’ve disappointed all of America,” said Ramsey and Pattillo in a press release. “This time around people can expect a more nuanced performance. Think Othello meets The Three Stooges.”

After first launching Let's Play Live in its home city of Austin in 2015, Rooster Teeth brought its event series across the nation with a three-city tour that hit New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago in 2016. The 2017 edition of the tour will begin in Newark and will run through Baltimore and Orlando before concluding in Tampa. “We managed to sell out three major cities last year, so we’re not going to rest until we’ve disappointed all of America,” said Ramsey in a press release. “This time around people can expect a more nuanced performance. Think Othello meets The Three Stooges.”

The press release did not reveal pricing details, though previous Let's Play Live shows have tended to be fairly spendy. Tickets for all four dates will go on sale on March 10, 2017.

On the same day, Bethany Feinstein posted a journal entry explaining the event, called Let's Play Live! The East Coast Tour 2017. This was going to be huge. Rooster Teeth was ecstatic to officially announce the first-ever Let's Play Live Tour across the East Coast! This tour was essentially an "explosion of gaming, sketches, and all around chaos as your favorite Let’s Play teams ride from city to city on a tiny stinky bus. They’re basically like a rock band...without the rock". Fans were encouraged to make their way to the East Coast (or walk out their front door if they're already there) to see Achievement Hunter and Funhaus in all their glory.

From April 24–30, 2017 Let's Play Live toured through Newark, New Jersey, Baltimore, Orlando, Florida and Tampa, Florida and featured members of Achievement Hunter with Funhaus.[58]


April 24 - New Jersey Performance Arts Center, Newark, NJ

April 26 - Hippodrome Theatre, Baltimore, MD

April 28 - Hard Rock Live, Orlando, FL

April 30 - Straz Theatre, Tampa, FL


Let's Play Live ticket sales will kick off with early access for Double Gold members on Wednesday, March 8, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. EST. It was released to the public on March 10, 2017.

2018: Return to Austin during RTX[]

LPL returned home to Austin the night before RTX 2018 began.[59][60][61][62] In August 2018, Rooster Teeth announced they would replace RTX Sydney 2019 with three Let's Play Live events in different Australian cities.[63] Another AH Live! show occurred as part of RTX 2019 (Austin).

Achievement Hunter traveled to Australia to perform Let's Play Live as "Achievement Hunter: Live! from January 23–27, 2019 in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth.[64]

The AH Live! West Coast Tour is scheduled to run from September to October 2020 in Los Angeles, Seattle, and San Francisco.


Let's Play Live originated in Austin, Texas in 2015 featuring six Achievement Hunter personalities: Geoff Ramsey, Jack Pattillo, Ryan Haywood, Michael Jones, Gavin Free and Ray Narvaez, Jr. Drawing comparison to DigiTour Media, the first Let's Play Live took place at the Moody Theater on February 20, 2015.[65]

Let's Play Live sold out shows at Chicago's Chicago Theatre, New York City, and Los Angeles' Dolby Theatre in 2016.[66][67] The NYC LPL took place during the 2016 New York Comic-Con in the Hammerstein Ballroom and was broadcast live to over 240 theaters across the country in collaboration with Fathom Events.[68] In explaining its appeal, one reviewer noted that knowing the game was irrelevant, the interest came from, "watching the real people on stage react to video games – often in angry, hilarious ways I can relate to".[69]

From April 24–30, 2017 Let's Play Live will tour through Newark, New Jersey, Baltimore, Orlando, Florida and Tampa, Florida and will feature members of Achievement Hunter and Funhaus.[70]


Let's Play Live: The Documentary is a 27:34 long behind-the-scenes Rooster Teeth documentary look at the inaugural event and was released September 14, 2015 to First sponsors.[71][72] It has been called, "the origin story of the next generation of movie stars and rock bands as well as the birth of a new era of stars and entertainment legends".[73]

Let's Play Live: The Documentary Let's Play Live: The Documentary follows Achievement Hunter as it turns online gaming into a first-of-its-kind live event. It really goes to show just how human all our favorite Let's Players and video game entertainers really are. Jack freaks out on Geoff creating a rift between the two and eventually, apologizes and hugs him, talks about all his stress and concern about the show, Gus talks about his nausea the show caused him, and all kinds of stuff. The documentary reveals an in-depth look and analysis of Let's Play Live, how Jack's "Idea" became a very stressful and nervous but overall very successful inauguration test event, how Achievement Hunter's crazy antics in their Achievement Hunter office in Rooster Teeth's Stage 5 became a live, in-person on-stage rock-band concert influenced event as well as occasional interviews with the Achievement Hunter and Rooster Teeth staff members, detailing the chronology (including the behind the scenes planning, preparations and rehearsing) of the event. The documentary not only explores why Let's Plays are so popular, but also how the convergence of gaming and community are redefining the stages once reserved for only the biggest of rock stars.

Event Dates[]

Event Date Concert Name Venue/Event Location Starring
Friday, February 20, 2015 Rooster Teeth Presents: Let's Play Live! Austin City Limits (ACL) Live at the Moody Theatre, Austin, Texas Achievement Hunter, Funhaus, ScrewAttack, creators of #IDARB, other RT staff and special guests/internet personalities.
Friday, June 17, 2016 Let's Play Live! 2 Dolby Theatre, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California Achievement Hunter, Funhaus, ScrewAttack, Kinda Funny, The Creatures and Cow Chop.
Friday, August 19, 2016 Let's Play Live: Chicago Chicago Theatre, Chicago, Illinois Achievement Hunter, Funhaus, The Creatures and Kinda Funny
Saturday, October 8, 2016 Let's Play Live: New York Manhattan Center Hammerstein Ballroom, Manhattan, New York City, New York Achievement Hunter, Funhaus and Cow Chop
Thursday, August 2, 2018 Lets Play Live! @ RTX Austin The Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas Achievement Hunter, Kinda Funny, Funhaus, Cow Chop, Sugar Pine 7, Game Attack, Sideshow, JT Music, etc.
January 23, 2019 Achievement Hunter Live Sydney, Australia Achievement Hunter
January 25, 2019 Melbourne, Australia Achievement Hunter
January 27, 2019 Perth, Australia Achievement Hunter


Monday, April 24, 2017 at 7:30 P.M. Lets Play Live! East Coast Tour The New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC), Newark, New Jersey[74] Achievement Hunter, Funhaus
Wednesday, April 26, 2017 The Hippodrome Theatre, Baltimore, Maryland Achievement Hunter, Funhaus
Friday, April 28, 2017 Hard Rock Live, Orlando, Florida Achievement Hunter, Funhaus
Sunday, April 30, 2017 Straz Center for the Performing Arts, Tampa, Florida Achievement Hunter, Funhaus