The following is a list of the funniest and best answers from Achievement Hunter's let's play videos of Fibbage, Fibbage XL and Drawful.

Let's Play - FibbageEdit

1. QUESTION: In 1980, Saddam Hussein was named an honorary citizen of...

ANSWERS: Agrabah (Ray), Oz (Ryan), The ocean (Gavin)

2. QUESTION: Every year residents in Ivrea, Italy reenact a historical battle of their region, and instead of replica weapons they use...

ANSWERS: Big dumb noses (Geoff), Salamis (Michael), Floppy dildo (Ryan), Smaller Italians (Gavin)

3. QUESTION: Occupation with the highest divorce rate according to the 2000 U.S. census.

ANSWERS: Sniff tester of cunt perfume (Gavin), Pedophile (unknown)

4. QUESTION: Marcella Hazan is the culinary guru who pioneered the unusual technique of cooking duck with a...

ANSWERS: Smegma (Ray and Michael - "WE BOTH WROTE SMEGMA?!"), Dutch oven (Lindsay), Spit roast (Ryan), Dick (Geoff)

5. QUESTION: The sound of E.T. walking was made by someone squishing...

ANSWERS: A moistened scrotum (Gavin), Puss (Ray), Titties (Geoff)

6. QUESTION: In 2010, customs officers on the Norway-Sweden border intercepted a cargo truck carrying 28 tons of ... from China.

ANSWERS: Dick cheese (Ray), Transformers (Michael), Tiger testicle (Ryan)

7. QUESTION: To make it extremely difficult for telemarketers to pronounce, Tim Price changed his name in 2012 to Tim...


8. QUESTION: Loyola University offers scholarship to any Catholic students with the last name...

ANSWERS: Jesus-Christpope (Gavin), Dunkelman (Ray)

9. QUESTION: The Oxford Dictionaries' "word of the year" for 2013.

ANSWERS: Calvin Coolidge (Ryan), Cunt-foam (Gavin)

10. QUESTION: Tashirojima is an island off of Japan that is completely overrun by...

ANSWERS: Chinks (Gavin) [citation needed], Lesbians (Geoff)

11. QUESTION: The Isle of Man flag depicts three ... interlinked together

ANSWERS: Chickenfaggot (Gavin) [citation needed], Horse Cocks (Michael)

Let's Play - Fibbage XL Edit

Part 1:

1. QUESTION: Actor Eddie Murphy released a dance song in 1982 titled "Boogie in..."

ANSWERS: The swamp (Ray - "It's a Shrek joke!"), Oogie (Gavin)

2. QUESTION: ROADTRIP! When on a spring break trip to Dongyang, China, be sure to try their eggs cooked in...

ANSWERS: Jackie Chan's load (Ray), Your butt (Gavin)

3. QUESTION: When Charlie and the Chocolate Factory author Roald Dahl died, he was buried with snooker cues, burgundy, chocolate, pencils and a...

ANSWERS: Jar of young boy urine (Ray), Everlasting gobstopper (Geoff), A mould of his wife's cunt (Gavin)

4. QUESTION: CELEBRITY TWEET! 4:32 PM - 22 May 2012 @lindsaylohan Tweeted: "... is the best medicine."

ANSWERS: Big black cock (Ray), Old pussy (Lindsay), Black dick (Gavin)

5. QUESTION: Product name of the "gas neutralizer" pad that you insert into your underwear, made by the Solutions that Stick company.

ANSWERS: Fart plugs (Gavin), The flatulator (Ryan), No tooties here (unknown), Ass away (unknown)

6. QUESTION: Mohammed Khurshid Hussain is in the Guiness Book of World Records because he is able to ... very quickly with his nose.

ANSWERS: Perform fellatio (Ryan), Slay puss (Gavin)

7. QUESTION: The New York times was forced to issue a correction after they incorrectly identified the Nintendo characters Mario and Luigi as ... instead of plumbers.

ANSWERS: Carpenters. The sexy kind. You know (Ryan), Pipe technicians (Gavin), Dirty straights (Ray), Sex workers (Lindsay)

8. QUESTION: The city of Olney, Illinois organizes an annual event in order to ... squirrels.

ANSWERS: Skin and wear (Ryan), Sexually integrate (Gavin), Taxidermy (Lindsay)

9. QUESTION: During the 1990s, teachers in North Korea were, oddly enough, required to know how to...

ANSWERS: Suck a kid's duck (Gavin - "SPELLED IT WRONG!"), Defend the regime with ninja dildo moves (Ryan)

Let's Play - DrawfulEdit

1. DRAWING: Taco cat

ANSWERS: Puss burrito (Ray), Discount Mexican food (Ryan), Pussy taco (Geoff)

2. DRAWING: Pebbles

ANSWERS: Boobie lake (Ray), Egyptian orgy (Lindsay)

3. DRAWING: Laundry night

ANSWERS: In your butt (Ryan), Bitches love pizza (Lindsay)

4. DRAWING: Don't eat the cookies

ANSWERS: Going eggless (Ray), Anorexic hottie (Lindsay)

5. DRAWING: Pretending to read

ANSWER: Gay baby's first Playboy (Lindsay)

6. DRAWING: Lady ghost

ANSWERS: Breast wraith (Gavin), Sexy time with dead spouses (Ryan)

7. DRAWING: Cucumber Western

ANSWERS: Clint Picklewood (Gavin), Ray's dick wearing a hat (Geoff), Cowboy dong (Ray)

8. DRAWING: Impaled with stars

ANSWER: Jewish virgin (Lindsay)

9. DRAWING: Candyman

ANSWERS: Fish tail eared confetti cannon insect man (Gavin), Jewish virgin (Ray), Dobby the house slut (Lindsay)

10. DRAWING: Diabetes

ANSWERS: Sassy grand daddy (Lindsay), Geoff (Geoff), Geoff making it rain (Ray)

Let's Play - Drawful Part 2Edit

1. DRAWING: Where missing socks go

ANSWERS: A dryer full of cocaine (Ryan), Fart house (Geoff)

2. DRAWING: Eggmobile

ANSWERS: Poo delivery service (Ryan), Guacamole maker (Gus), No face taking at bathhouse in spirited away (Lindsay)

3. DRAWING: Female James Bond

ANSWERS: Double O Skrillex (Ray), Licensed to sling puss (Ryan), Bond, Bitch Bond (Lindsay)

4. DRAWING: Imaginary friend

ANSWERS: Burst my bubble. Butt. (Ryan), It's-a me! Mario! (Mica)

5. DRAWING: You don't know Jack

ANSWERS: Titty taco ghost (Mica), Taco wizard (Ray), Kentucky Fried Chicken (Gus), Jabba the Hutt's Latino cousin (Ryan)

6. DRAWING: Mortality

ANSWERS: Jolly Roger (Lindsay), My anus after fast food (Ray), Happ time (Geoff)

7. DRAWING: Fringe crime

ANSWERS: Underwater dick gun (Ray), 20000 Dongs under the Sea (Ryan)

8. DRAWING: Final jeopardy

ANSWERS: Things I avoided in high school (Ryan), Erectile dysfunction due to steroid use (Lindsay)

9. DRAWING: Kids in a musical

ANSWERS: Destiny's Child (Ray), Vienna boys choir (Lindsay), Barbershop quartet after a death (Ryan)

10. DRAWING: New underwear

ANSWERS: Who wears short shorts (Ray), The biggest loser (Geoff)

Let's Play - Drawful Part 3 Edit

1. DRAWING: Pizza cat house gun (Ryan said this was too literal to be the answer)

ANSWER: Whoever drew this should kill themselves (Ray)

2. DRAWING: Hercules

ANSWERS: Special needs clown (Gavin), Robot Arnold Schwarzenegger eats lightning (Ryan), Harry Potter sex change (Michael)

3. DRAWING: Sleepy saxophone player

ANSWERS: An unholy crossbreed of a woman and a sax (Ryan), Szaxofonon jatszo hology (Linda)

4. DRAWING: Alphabetical order

ANSWERS: A fridge drawing of a proud serial killer mom (Ryan), Goatse (Ray)

5. DRAWING: Space chef

ANSWERS: Chef ninja Gordon Ramsey conquering the moon (Ryan), Jew chef (Gavin), Batman with a white flag (Linda)

6. DRAWING: Fairy tale

ANSWER: Boing! Boing! Boing! Boing! Boing! (random decoy)

7. DRAWING: Geese

ANSWERS: Cunt (Gavin), Abstract representation of dancing weasels (Ryan), SpongeBob fucking Sandy and Mr. Krab (Michael)

8. DRAWING: Carsick Sherlock Holmes

ANSWER: Adam Sandler's ball butter (unknown: Griffon, Ray or Ryan)

Let's Play - Drawful Part 4 Edit

1. DRAWING: Emo duck

ANSWERS: Hodor! Hodor! Hodor! (random decoy), Duck cunt (Michael), The sad masturbating duck (Ryan)

2. DRAWING: Mermaid hospital

ANSWERS: Mermaid gangbanging fat drunken sailors (Michael), Medusa's day job at Walmart (Ray)

3. DRAWING: Humidity

ANSWERS: Chocolate rain (Gavin), Boo! (Michael), Sacraface to the shit lord (Ryan)

4. DRAWING: Internet video of kittens

ANSWERS: Playing this game (Linda), Deleting your porn history of midgets fucking (Michael)

5. DRAWING: Nervous dinosaur

ANSWERS: A brain tumor in the pre-frontal cortex (Ryan), Snowman's fecal lightning strike (Gavin), Ray is a fucking idiot (Michael)

6. DRAWING: Pizza pac man

ANSWERS: I'll have the cheese (Gavin), Sharing pizza with your noneye friend (Linda), Please don't sue us Namco (Ray)

7. DRAWING: Napoleon riding a squirrel

ANSWERS: Captain Morgans bestiality adventure (Ryan), Barack Obama (Gavin), Napoleon fucking a squirrel (Michael)

8. DRAWING: Cuddly bat

ANSWERS: Bat having a seizure (Griffon), Moose knuckle (Gavin), The most terrifying vagina ever (Ryan)

9. DRAWING: Cold front coming in from the west

ANSWERS: Fat children eating their weight in chocolate (unknown: Griffon, Linda or Gavin), Forward unto asterisks (Assumed Ryan), Snowver here! (Possibly Michael)

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