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Deep Space is about to be probed
— Tagline of Lazer Team 2
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Lazer Team 2 is a feature film by Rooster Teeth released on November 13, 2017 through YouTube's RED service. Written by Burnie Burns, Daniel Fabelo, and Matt Hullum and directed by the latter two, it is the sequel to the company's first feature-length film, Lazer Team. Lazer Team 2 was first announced on August 5, 2016 by Burnie Burns and Gavin Free.


After one of their own is lost in another dimension, the Lazer Team groups together once again to fight against a new threat.

Lazer Team 2 takes place four years after the first movie. In that time the D.E.T.I.A. has lost most of its funding and many people are let go, including all of Lazer Team except for Woody. After opening up a rift in space, Woody is taken by an alien being and his partner, Maggie Whittington must regroup Hagan, Herman, and Zach to rescue him.

Meanwhile, Major Evelyn Kilborne becomes head of the D.E.T.I.A. and orders any project related to Lazer Team to be shut down. After sneaking into the D.E.T.I.A. base, Lazer Team, along with Maggie manage to reopen the rift and head into space to find Woody but are followed by Kilborne.


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