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Lawrence Michael Sonntag (born January 7, 1984) is an American actor, voice actor, show and podcast host, content producer (for live action), gaming journalist (for The Know) and Internet and YouTube personality who is best known for his work for Rooster Teeth Productions west coast divisions, Funhaus and The Know as a co-host, content producer, gaming journalist, and editor, where he performs gameplays, co-hosts podcasts, participates in fan Q&As, and reviews video games, technology products, television shows and movies of varying genres in a retrospective and comedic manner. He previously worked for Inside Gaming and as a producer for Machinima from January 2011 to February 2015.

Lawrence has worked extensively with Rooster Teeth and Machinima, having starred in several live action productions and animated cartoons such as The Eleven Little Roosters, Creepy Text Theatre Animated, Inside Gaming Animated and Civilization: The Movie. He is regarded 'the smart one' of the group, often giving technical knowledge. He writes for, hosts, co-stars and produce various media projects on the Internet, primarily around video games and eSports. He also produces video game content on a personal, self-titled YouTube channel from a variety of games. He is sometimes known on the web as SirLarr.

On December 17, 2019, he announced that he was leaving Rooster Teeth.[1]

Known for[]

  • The Eleven Little Roosters (2017) as Lars
  • Creepy Text Theatre Animated (2015) as Lawrence/Himself
  • Inside Gaming Animated (2014) as Lawrence/Himself
  • Civilization: The Movie (2016) as Himself
  • Red vs. Blue: Season 14 (2016) as Private Sue
  • Sex Swing (2017) as Max Kochram
  • Camp Camp (2017) as Buzz Aldrin
  • Gen:LOCK (2019) as Able

Early Life and Education[]

Lawrence grew up primarily in Dallas, Texas where, for his education, he attended Azle High School in Azle, Texas, graduating in 2001[2] He later went on to study at The University of Texas at Dallas, where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science from 2002 until graduating in 2006.[3]


2006-2007: Software engineering[]

After graduating from university, Lawrence first worked as a Software Engineer at AGRO Data Resource Corporation for 1 year from May 2006 until August 2007.

Family Life[]

A native of Dallas, Texas, Lawrence presently resides in Los Angeles, California. His relatives are Kristina Sonntag, Janis Sonntag and Michael Sonntag, and has lived in Culver City, CA, Richardson, TX, Dallas, TX, Los Angeles, CA and Azle, TX.[4][5] He is in a relationship with Stephanie Bayer.[6][7][8][9]


  • Lawrence is a big anime fan.
  • He once participated in an MPW event where himself and James Willems wrestled in a tag team event as James Angel and Lawrence "The Troll" Sakamoto.


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