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Laurin Ann Crozier is a production and concept artist at Rooster Teeth Productions. She joined the company in 2015, and worked on Season 2 of X-Ray and Vav, Volume 3 of RWBY, Season 14 of Red vs. Blue, Season 1 of RWBY Chibi, Sex Swing, Camp Camp, and Nomad of Nowhere.

A Minnesota native, Laurin got a degree in Animation and Visual Effects at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, she doesn't animate, feeling it "takes a lot of patience", and prefers to do concept art and storyboards. Laurin learned about Rooster Teeth in 2012 through her then-boyfriend, and eventually got hooked into it as she caught some of the funny comments said on podcasts or Let's Plays. She got known in the community through her doodles inspired by the Rooster Teeth Podcast, which led the company to highlight her as a featured user. Before she was hired, Laurin designed three shirts for RT.