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Kylah "Ky" Cooke,[1] also known by her username DefinedByKy, is a content creator and streamer. As a member of the Achievement Hunter extended family, she regularly appears as a cast member in Achievement Hunter videos.

After being a recurring guest in videos for the first half of 2021, Ky announced during Off Topic #286 that she was officially part of the Achievement Hunter extended family.[2]


  • During the second Achievement Hunter panel at RTX at Home 2021, Ky said Fiona Nova was responsible for her getting hired. When Ky was a fan, she purchased a video call with Fiona and Ify Nwadiwe for RTX at Home 2020. After the call, Fiona tracked down Ky’s social media because she thought Ky was funny. Fiona started watching Ky’s Twitch streams and wound up recommending her to other people at Rooster Teeth, which led to Ky being invited to guest in content and eventually getting hired.
  • Ky was nominated for “Best on Camera Talent” at TheGameHERS Awards in 2021.[3]


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