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Joshua Meehan is an animation IT desktop support at Rooster Teeth since 2015.[1] His job is to fix broken computers.[2]

This information is inaccurate. I know me, you don't know me. Or do you? Mom?!

He also thinks Josh Ornelas is delicious.[3] I said he was made out of candy, you're making assumptions as to which candy. Don't put that on me.[4]

He eats butt.

  1. According to himself, he was born on Marchtember Oneteenth and died on the inside on June 1, 2005. He apparently hails from "Smashonality", too.
  2. According to himself, it barely counts as either work, repairs, or actual damage.
  4. The edit summary was "He is delicious. Prove me wrong.". You're totally to blame!
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