Jonathan "Jon" Risinger is a graphic designer from California employed by Rooster Teeth Productions as the Art Director. Often referred to as 'The Risemonger' by the lads from Achievement Hunter, Jon is responsible for the creation of many of the most popular T-shirt designs and logos available in the Rooster Teeth Store. He was also responsible for designing the Funhaus logo. Formerly, Jon was a host on various shows for The Know.

Jon has made appearances on the Podcast, Immersion, Sportsball, and Screen Play. He is also the host of Rooster Teeth's Game Show: On The Spot and the old movie discussion show, Enjoy The Show.

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  • He has no sense of smell, having confirmed this on Rooster Teeth Podcast #266. He explains in a YouTube video that this is caused by Kallmann Syndrome.
  • He has Celiac Disease, meaning he can't eat gluten, although later said in a Periscope "I can eat gluten now. Don't ask me how, but I can."
  • His thumbs are different sizes.
  • He's a very big fan of comic books and superhero movies.
  • His dog Bella has appeared on The Gauntlet as the redemption dog, an episode of the discontinued RT Recap, the Metal Gear Immersion, Million Dollars But..., and on an episode of The Slow Mo Guys.
  • He was a professor at a college for a short time.
  • He is divorced and has 2 daughters who are 2 years apart in age.
    • Jon adopted his oldest child when she was two days old.
  • He often streams video games on his Twitch.
  • He lived in California for 27 years prior to moving to Austin.
  • He's one of three siblings.
  • He is bisexual.

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