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John Francis McCullagh is an American writer, actor, director, and member of Game Attack. He is a former ScrewAttack editor.

Originally from Merrick, New York, John is the youngest of four children. His family moved to Flower Mound, Texas when he was only 9 months old. He went on to study at the University of North Texas earning a degree in English with a focus in Creative Writing.


John first joined ScrewAttack in 2013, working as an editor. Acting in a more behind-the-scenes role, he also drew pictures for the Game Overdrinker series produced by ScrewAttack. John would later leave the company to work for Game Attack.

In 2017, John, along with Shaun Bolen, wrote, directed, and acted in the original comedy film The Accomplice.

Within Rooster Teeth

ScrewAttack was acquired by Rooster Teeth and later became members of the Let's Play Family in 2016.

He has also competed on On The Spot.


  • He is vegan.
  • He is 5'11.
  • During the second season of Game Attack's Mario Party Saturday John participated mainly as a substitute for Chad James when Chad couldn't make it. He won in his debut match (Chad wouldn't finish outside of fourth until the finale).
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