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Jeremy Nicholas Dooley (born June 4, 1991) and also known as Lil' J, JDoolz and formerly as Jerem6401, is an American actor, voice actor, show and podcast host, rapper, lyricist, author and Internet and YouTube personality best known for his work co-hosting Rooster Teeth's gameplay division Achievement Hunter and serving alongside the lyricist team in Camp Camp. Outside of Achievement Hunter, he serves as an occasional actor and content producer in Rooster Teeth Live action, and voice acts characters in animated cartoons, such as Million Dollars, But..., The Eleven Little Roosters, Ten Little Roosters, Camp Camp and more.[1]

Dooley formerly worked as an editor, content creator, and recurring host on Achievement Hunter for a year, beginning on July 6, 2014. He was officially promoted to "main co-host" by Geoff and Jack on October 16, 2015 as of "Minecraft Episode 177" (which he won). At this time, it was revealed that he was the new 6th member replacing Ray Narvaez, Jr., who left the company 6 months earlier on April 17, 2015 to focus on solo entertaining and Twitch.TV live-streaming. This meant that his primary workload shifted from editing videos to being an on-screen personality in videos.

Jeremy gained popularity by making videos for Community Hunter (primarily Imaginary Achievements). Having formerly served as a community member and content creator, he was officially hired on-stage on July 6, 2014 at RTX 2014 at the Achievement Hunter panel alongside Matt Bragg. He married his longtime partner, Katherine "Kat" Teebagy on June 4, 2016, his 25th birthday.


Dooley was born in Burlington, Massachusetts, in 1991. He worked at many different jobs when he was an early teenager, beginning work at age 14. Karate Instructor at Steven Nugent's Karate Institute, Gymnastics Instructor for the Burlington Rec Center, Cashier at Brighams Ice Cream in the Burlington Mall, Pottery Barn in the Burlington Mall, On the Border in Woburn Macaroni Grill in Burlington Christian Party Rental in New Hampshire and finally as a Proofreader for a medical company near Boston. He studied Media Arts and Animation at New England Institute of Art and attended high school at Burlington.

Dooley created the fan series Epic Rap Battles of Rooster Teeth, uploaded to the YouTube channel Achievements4Idiots, along with Imaginary Achievements (his primary Community Hunter series). He often stars in the series MegaCraft, created by Matt Bragg, one of the most popular of Community Hunter.

During RTX 2014 in early July, Matt and Jeremy (who were still only community members, albeit the most active and popular members on the AH website) set up a joke with AH guys on stage. They got in line and asked if they could have a job, obviously making fun of the rest of audience who actually ask that every year, only to get their questions shut down. Then, to their surprise, Geoff legitimately said "yes" and pulled them on stage, hiring them on the spot. However, it wasn't that spontaneous, since Geoff told Caleb to ask them to do the bit, and tell them there was going to be a gag at the stage (them getting hit with eggs and water balloons) and to "bring clothes they don't mind getting wet".

Dooley honestly did not know that he was going to be officially hired on the spot during the Achievement Hunter panel at RTX 2014, so the look of surprise and emotion on his face was completely genuine.[2][3]

Dooley is 5'4" as stated at the very end of Let's Play Minecraft Episode 142 - Legends Of The Hidden Tower by Jeremy himself, contradicting the 5'3" statement in Let's Build - Legends of the Hidden Tower Part 3.

He is apparently half Irish (from his father's side) and half-Syrian (mother's side), mentioned in one of the Legends of the Hidden Temple Let's Builds. In episode 61 of the "Off Topic" Podcast, Jeremy talks a little about one side of his grandparents, both of whom were from Syria.

As revealed during Let's Play Minecraft: Episode 177 Blocking List (Part 2), uploaded on October 16, 2015, it was officially announced and revealed that Jeremy (who had also recently won the Tower of Pimps in Let's Play Minecraft after winning his first ever Blocking List and traded the T.O.P./selling it to purchase the newly renovated and vacant house in Achievement City) was promoted to the new 6th main cast member of Achievement Hunter by Geoff (who also gave Jeremy a miniature T.O.P. toy, officially welcoming Jeremy to the main room and declaring that "this desk is now yours [permanently]"), replacing Ray Narvaez, Jr. (who quit his job 6 months earlier on April 17, 2015) in.[4][5][6] As part of his promotion to main member, Jeremy changed his Xbox Live gamertag from Jerem6401 to JDoolz, following a suggestion to do so by Gavin Free; by Minecraft episode 209 Michael had done the same thing, switching from MLP Michael to MJones. His PlayStation Network ID is still his original Jerem6401 tag.

On December 4, 2019 Jeremy's deception-based game show, Chump, premiered with him serving as the host. The show has a purple and orange color scheme, matching Rimmy Tim. [7]


  • When filming Let's Plays on PC, Jeremy is known to come up with URL puns.
    • One was a jab at Gavin's Nose (Minecraft 199) and another involved President Abraham Lincoln (RWBY: Grimm Eclipse).
      • The one on Gavin was started by a failed attempt by the Brit, Gav not knowing the formula Jeremy uses for URL puns.
    • To the potential relief of Burnie, Jeremy limits his puns to Let's Plays on PC due to the URL nature of them, making him Achievement Hunter's PC version of notorious pun-cracker Barbara.
    • At least once someone has claimed he has a list of these waiting for the right moment
  • He has three cats named Scooter, Booker, and Zipper.
    • Their tails occasionally end up around the nose area when streaming, which the chat watching said streams see due to him also using a face-cam.
    • During Sky Factory, Jeremy tamed an ocelot and subsequently named the resultant cat "Booker". After surviving a slight Blood Altar mishap and being thrown off the map in a summoning pendulum (that Gavin picked up thanks to an active magnet effect), Booker (and everything else) was wiped out when Jeremy inadvertently triggered a self-destruct sequence on a power core.
      • Gavin started it by using his destruction laser to wipe out the stabilizer beneath it.
  • He is a fan of heavy metal band Fozzy which is led by AEW wrestler Chris Jericho.
  • Jeremy's favorite bands include Trapt, Oasis, Disturbed, Nickelback, Deftones, Seether, Jay-z, Green Day, Three Days Grace, Papa Roach, Chester Bennington, Bon Jovi, Limp Bizkit, Fort Minor, Third Eye Blind, 3 Doors Down, Mike Shinoda, Matchbox Twenty, Ill Nino, The All American Rejects, Linkin Park and System Of A Down.
  • Jeremy's favorite shows include "Futurama", "Mythbusters", "Smackdown", "Teen Titans", "King Of Queens", "Dirty Jobs", "Aqua Teen Hunger Force", "Family Guy", and "Whose Line Is It Anyway?".
  • Jeremy's favorite movies are Halloween, Anchorman, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, Spider-Man, X-Men, Daredevil, horror movies, Good Burger, Freddy Vs. Jason, Liar Liar, Batman Begins, Meet The Parents, Meet The Fockers, War Of The Worlds, Bruce Almighty, Men In Black, the Batman movies, The 40 Year-old Virgin, Batman And Robin, A Nightmare On Elm Street, I Know What You Did Last Summer, the Friday The 13th movies and Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story.
  • When things are being sent flying around in the AH office, Jeremy's desk is the most likely object to be hit. He himself has been responsible for several cases.
  • Many people agree that Jeremy looks similar to former Rooster Teeth staff member, Adam Kovic.
  • He is the only person to attempt a syringe kill in The Ship. In Part 4, he attempted twice, succeeding the second time; both times Michael, who blocked the first try, was his hunter, and both times Michael successfully killed him. Jeremy also succeeded in getting a syringe kill (on an AI) in How To: The Ship; his target died in front of Matt (who got Angry Sitcom Wife'd by Jeremy in the second game of How To: The Ship). Jeremy has since added a third syringe kill as of RouLetsPlay: The Ship (on another AI).
  • After marrying Kat, Jeremy dyed the top of his hair a different color. Though that top color changed once in a while, he still used the two-tone scheme, but has since shaved his head bald.
    • The likely cause is a Rimmy Tim-themed dye job going awry, although he was already going bald at that point.
  • Jeremy has the longest winning streak in Versus and the best win/loss record. The former extending more than a full rotation greatly assisted the latter.
    • His first Versus victory was in a PS1 game in Ray's final contest (Ray having ended his five-match losing streak against Michael the previous episode)
  • Jeremy is known to play "the long game" in Murder. Matt once attempted this in Trouble in Terrorist Town Part 5, but Michael gunned him down not knowing he was the traitor.
    • He often streams Gmod games to his Twitch channel; Trevor has participated in a few of these games, which explains why Trevor knows this. Jeremy himself confirmed this in Murder Part 3 (the one Murder game Trevor partook in as an AH LP).
    • Jeremy playing the long game returned in 'Geoff's Big Losses'; after Gavin intentionally threw himself off the map at the first opportunity and Ryan accidentally went off trying a shortcut Jeremy, the runner of the final round, stayed on track the whole way - then intentionally missed the goal and shot off the edge behind it. As per the video title, Jeremy and Gavin had Geoff on their team and their goal was to deny Geoff a discount on the Declasse Scramjet earned by winning a match in Hunting Pack Remix.
  • Jeremy met Matt before they joined Achievement Hunter at RTX 2014, in a game of Spyro. Matt would reveal this in the process of their Versus matchup in episode 122 (which Matt won).
  • Jeremy has rapping vocals on Rooster Teeth's animated series, Camp Camp's, soundtrack, on the song Adventurer Inside.
    • He also does the vocals to the Tower of Pimps Rap, which he performed live at RTX.
    • He has since formed a group called '1551'; in April 2019 the group's first album "One of the Horde" was released.
  • Jeremy's primary Gmod spray is a crucified spider he refers to as "Spider-Jesus".
    • In Murder Part 3, he added a further religious reference to the name he gave his spray, by hitting the button to put it on a nearby wall and then praying to it; Trevor, who was right behind him at the time, would do the same sequence but with Geoff's own long-time spray of a mustachioed Andrew Panton.
  • Jeremy has an alias he sometimes uses in Achievement Hunter videos, named "Rimmy Tim". The primary colors of said alias are purple, orange, and yellow.
    • In accordance with the primary colors, Jeremy has said Rimmy Tim only eats grapes and oranges (as seen during the Prison Break Finale in episode 4 of the Criminal Masterminds Series, Jeremy playing the role of the prisoner being brought into Bolingbroke by prison guard Michael while Gavin got the plane and Ryan used a Buzzard attack helicopter to provide assistance).
  • On May 15, 2009, when he was a senior at Burlington High School, he created a video called Don't Anger the Sheehan[1], where he starred as a student running around the school from the principal for using a cell phone.
  • On Podcast 236, it was announced that he and 4 other people had won a SquareSpace moleskin notebook. Possibly the 1st mention of Jeremy.
  • Jeremy has yet to fully complete the King's Fall Raid; Matt and Trevor did it without him, and during the full Achievement Hunter attempt he was replaced after Part 1 by Andrew Panton (who had previously solo'd Crota)
  • In his entry into Achievement Hunter's Mario Party 8 series, Jeremy, using Wario (Gavin's choice when Birdo isn't available - Jeremy does the same but with Blooper), entered in Ray's place for the third match and won. He went on to win the next two as well before "Slot Six vs. High Rolls" bit him hard in the butt.
    • To add insult to injury, he was vying for second (which would put Gavin last; they both had more coins than Ryan - who struggles with motion controls) but the final bonus Star was the Running Star, which went to Gavin and left Jeremy last.
    • Because Michael's Mario Party 8 file only had five of the six maps, Jeremy brought in his own Wii which had Bowser's Warped Orbit - and Blooper - unlocked.
    • Jeremy's dice roll problems hit him again in the first game of Mario Party 6. He was Luigi that game as Gavin had Wario (Birdo not debuting until the subsequent game) and Ryan got to Boo first (Dry Bones not debuting until 7 as well).
  • Jeremy usually livestreams new DLC content for Grand Theft Auto V on his Twitch account Dooley Noted Gaming; his line 'I am Monster Truck' (which gave him the codename he used in his heist) and his alternate crew The Stream Team likely originated from this.
    • During a stream featuring the Transform Races Jeremy foreshadowed Achievement Hunter's Transform Races Let's Plays; another player (gamertag NeosZ07), who had tried joining the second playlist of the stream, proceeded to kill him several times in the subsequent intermission between playlists (and one of his friends who was nearby, whose bounty drew Neos to their position in the first place).
  • Jeremy is considered the Gmod guy of the Achievement Hunters, much like Jack being the Trials guy.
    • During Murder Part 4, Jeremy stumbled across a mechanic that resulted in Gavin being the murderer five rounds in succession. The fifth was because he hadn't yet undone it after the fourth one. Murder Part 4 happened before Trouble in Terrorist Town Part 5 as a similar occurrence happens with Trevor, in which Gavin being the murderer five straight rounds is mentioned during a three-round streak of Trevor being the traitor.
  • Jeremy had created an underground chamber beneath Camp Achievement Hunter; his reaction to its discovery in Fishing Rodeo and Jamboree V was very similar to Gavin's when his Trophy Room of Victory was discovered in Minecraft 47. The big difference, Jeremy had a self-destruct device installed and Gavin's was placed in his house at a time when Plan G was under the logo
  • He and Jack are the champions of Minecraft YDYD 3.
  • There are moments in GTA V where Jeremy unintentionally hits something or someone. Examples include:
    • Jeremy hitting Gavin with a homing missile instead of the cargobob in Bike Bat
    • Jeremy hitting Jack's bike with molotovs in the same video
    • Accidentally sniping guest Malik immediately in round 1 of Snipers vs Stunters 2
    • Unintentionally throwing a pipe bomb at Ryan's head, which bounces off the latter and kills Jeremy in Import/Export 4.
    • Really, Jeremy is pretty good at unintentionally hitting someone or something.



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