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Jeffrey D. Williams was the keyboardist in Trocadero, and like the band (who he met as Nico Audy-Rowland wanted to use Jeff's studio) is a composer for Rooster Teeth Productions. His first musical work was in The Strangerhood, where he and Nico worked under the name "The Uggos". Jeff later did most of the music for the seasons 8 through 10 of Red vs. Blue, and followed it by becoming the sole composer in RWBY, working closely with rapper Lamar Hall, his ex-wife Sandy Lee Casey, and his daughter, Casey Lee Williams, as well as composing the RWBY scores with Alex Abraham and Steve Goldshein. He also worked in the scores for X-Ray and Vav and Lazer Team, contributed a song to Camp Camp (alongside Adrienne Cowan) under his project Black Science, and another to Gen:LOCK alongside Lydia Harrell. Jeff lives in Massachusetts, where he's a professor at Berklee College of Music.


  • Although he appears on some Rooster Teeth panels at events he rarely ever, or does not, talk.
    • One exception being the RWBY Music Panel where he will actively speak for the majority of the panel.
  • His music has regularly been featured at the end of Rooster Teeth videos:
    • "Agent Texas" (Red vs Blue season 8) and "Can't Trust Anybody" (Red vs Blue season 9) played at end of videos on RT's YouTube channel.
    • The original Rooster Teeth Animation end bumper (2015-6) had the coda of "Best Day Ever" (RWBY Volume 2 score)
    • The following Rooster Teeth Animation end bumper (2016-8) featured the coda of "R.W.B.Y. vs. F.N.K.I." (RWBY Volume 3 score).
  • Jeff voices the announcer in the RWBY White Trailer.