James Richard Wilson Jr., also known by his screen name UberHaxorNova, is an American Streamer, YouTuber, and co-founder of the comedy and gaming channel, Cow Chop. He was a member of the Let's Play family and an affiliate with Rooster Teeth Productions.

James grew up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania before moving to Littleton, Colorado to work for The Creatures, and eventually co-found Cow Chop. He currently resides in Portland, Oregon streaming on Twitch.

On March 18, 2019, James announced his departure from Cow Chop in a video titled I'm Leaving CowChop[?].

Career Edit

James started YouTube in April 2008, where he uploads primarily gaming videos. His fame was at one point rivaling that of PewDiePie, one of the top YouTubers.

He performed previous work for Machinima and Polaris up until 2014. In 2010 he joined up with The Creatures, a hub channel that produced videos relating to gaming and comedy sketches.

Within Rooster Teeth Edit

Dark side of YouTube

James filming 'The Dark Side of YouTube'.

James, along with The Creatures, joined as affiliates to Rooster Teeth, becoming members of the Let's Play family on April 4, 2016. Due to creative differences, James, Aleks, and several other then-Creatures broke off and formed Cow Chop, a Let's Play and comedy channel later that same month. Cow Chop would then go on to become a member of the Let's Play family as well. It was during this time James officially announced his departure from The Creatures after being a member for six years.

James has made several appearances on Rooster Teeth and Let's Play content. He has hosted panels at RTX, competed on On The Spot, and has appeared on Let's Play family group videos.

Streaming Edit

In early 2018, James started more actively streaming on his Twitch-page. Following his departure from Cow Chop, he moved out of Los Angeles to Portland, Oregon in July 2019 to continue doing live-streaming full-time.

Trivia Edit

  • He is half Puerto Rican.
  • His first job was at a Twizzlers factory.

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