Jakob Van Grubsby is a Canadian content creator and editor, formerly working for the gaming channel Cow Chop, up until it’s ending.

Career Edit

Jakob started working at Cow Chop in April of 2017, once they moved to Los Angeles. Originally he was UberHaxorNova’s editor, before switching to Cow Chop.

Jakob appeared in Cow Chop’s content as a recurruing cast member for a good chunk of 2017 and 2018, before deciding to take a back seat in mid 2018, mainly as an editor and behind the scenes person, occasionally screwing with members whenever he would be a cameraman. After James leave in early 2019, Jakob returned as a cast member. Appearing in videos up until Cow Chop’s end in December.

Trivia Edit

  • Jakob is also a co-creator and member of OffCanny, a YouTube channel started by him, Alec Paul, Garrett Westely Thomas and Adri, who were also members of Cow Chop.
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