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JT Music, formerly JT Machinima was originally formed for Skull and Pat to stay in touch and create cool content.

JT Music, formerly "JT Machinima", primarily makes music on the topic of video games. In 2008, JT Machinima created their first rap about Halo 3, titled "The Greatest Ever". After their second video, "World at War Rap", Machinima, Inc. offered John and Timothy a contract. After 5 years, JT Machinima moved away from Machinima Inc to Broadband TV Corporation. On May 31, 2017, the team announced that they had partnered with Rooster Teeth for 6 months.[2] Renamed as "JT Music", the channel is part of the Let's Play Family.

JT Gaming & JT Music History[]

After joining the Let's Play Family, the 'JT Gaming' channel was established. This channel is reserved specifically for the team's gameplay videos. JT Music became huge and extremely popular. Their first songs ever were published on Their first album called "The Greatest Ever." After getting help from music artist Andrea Storm Kaden, they were prepared for female vocals. JT Music went on to also collaborate with DAGames, Dan Bull, The Stupendium, Rockit Gaming, TeamHeadKick, Bonecage, Neebs Gaming, CG5, and NateWantsToBattle. After making a Halloween special video on Dead By Daylight, people could see how creative JT Music is with live action. They also got a lot of attention when they helped with the 2019 Nerdcore Party Con.



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