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“Hard Nettin” is a recurring segment on the FunHaus show “The Dude Soup Podcast”. It was created by host Lawrence Sontag as a way of finding what is “the most internet thing”. The segment was originally referred to as “Dude Soup Battle” until “Hard Nettin” was suggested by James Willems in “Dude Soup” episode 109, the third instalment of the segment. 

“Hard Nettin” is set up with the prior weeks Champion, facing off against a new competitor as decided by Lawrence, with suggestions on occasion from the community. Each Champion is selected by the podcast guests, with ties being decided by the community via Strawpoll. Criteria stated by the guests as to why a combatant wins includes:

  • Individuality
  • Popularity (or lack thereof)
  • Whether or not the combatant was created as a joke
  • If the combatant is something you would only find out about through the internet
  • If the combatant could only exist because of the internet
  • In Lawrence' own words "Something that it is an instance through which you can view the wondeful diversity of the human race, through the internet"

“Hard Nettin” History

1 - DS106 - Masking(W) vs Tamakeri

2 - DS107 - Masking(W) vs Quick Sanding

3 - DS109 - Masking vs Women Crushing Fruit with Biceps(W) [Victor decided by Strawpoll]

4 - DS110 - Women Crushing Fruit With Their Biceps vs Russian Cult That Worships Gadget From Rescue Rangers(W)

5 - DS111 - Russian Cult That Worships Gadget From Rescue Rangers(W) vs Streamer That Threatens Suicide For Nudes

6 - DS114 - Russian Cult That Worships Gadget From Rescue Rangers vs DJ Deaf Joey Kissing His Dead Grandmother Who's Kept In A Coffin In His Backyard(W)

7 - DS116 - DJ Deaf Joey Kissing His Dead Grandmother Who's Kept In A Coffin In His Backyard(W) vs How To Talk Minnesotan

8 - DS117 - DJ Deaf Joey Kissing His Dead Grandmother Who's Kept In A Coffin In His Backyard vs Big Knee Lover(W) [Victor decided by Elyse Willems two votes] [First Deviant Artist]

9 - DS119 - Big Knee Lover(W) vs Sitting and Smiling [Victory decided by the vote of a returning Joel Rubin]

10 - DS120 - Big Knee Lover(W) vs A.I. Channel KizunaAI [Victor decided by Strawpoll]

11 - DS121 - Big Knee Lover(W) vs Combat Juggling [James Willems abstains, citing Combat Juggling is not Nettin enough, and Big Knee Lover has stopped posting content]

12 - DS122 - Big Knee Lover(W) vs White Power Milk [James continues to abstain]

13 - DS123 - Big Knee Lover vs Babalooney(W)

14 - DS124 - Babalooney vs Game Girl Power(W)

15 - DS125 - Game Girl Power(W) vs / [Game Girl Power wins by default, as they are the first combatant to acknowledge their Hard Nettin victory]

16 - DS127 - Game Girl Power(W) vs Hackertech Photoshop Reddit Subscriber Spam

17 - DS128 - Game Girl Power(W) vs XennerdRandom

18 - DS129 - Game Girl Power vs YouTube Stunt Manslaughter(W)

19 - DS130 - YouTube Stunt Manslaughter vs Sinclair Networks(W) [First Facebook Page]

20 - DS131 - Sinclair Networks vs Ivan Dorin(W)

21 - DS132 - Ivan Dorin(W) vs Keijo Portugal

22 - DS133 - Ivan Dorin(W) vs Passion Dust

23 - DS134 - Ivan Dorin vs Knuckles Family Tree/Legacy(W) [Victor decided by Strawpoll]

24 - DS135 - Knuckles Family Tree/Legacy vs Lizard Force(W) [First Instagram account]

25 - DS136 - Lizard Force(W) vs 241543903

26 - DS137 - Lizard Force vs Jam2go(W)

27 - DS138 - Jam2go(W) vs The Arceist

28 - DS139 - Jam2go vs The Alliance of Universes(W)

29 - DS140 - The Alliance of Universes(W) vs Google Girl

30 - DS142 - The Alliance of Universes vs Dinkster Daily(W) [Between episodes DS142 and DS143, The Alliance of Universes discussed their origins in an addition to their PDF titled "Dear FunHaus", which was discussed on DS143]

31 - DS143 - Dinkster Daily vs Joe Dyson and The Dyson Show(W)

32 - DS144 - Joe Dyson and The Dyson Show(W) vs Dans La Bouche avec Francisco

33 - DS145 - Joe Dyson and The Dyson Show(W) vs The Fart Master

34 - DS146 - Joe Dyson and The Dyson Show vs The MarbLympics(W)

35 - DS147 - The MarbLympics(W) vs Cowboy MWZ

36 - DS148 - The MarbLympics(W) vs Super Sayan 3: The Series, Episode 3 "Let The Fight Begin"

37 - DS149 - The MarbLympics vs Unlisted Funeral Rave YouTube Video(W)

38 - DS150 - Unlisted Funeral Rave YouTube Video vs Omegaverse Genetics(W) [The boys uncover the truth about the funeral rave]

39 - DS151 - Omegaverse Genetics vs Fat World Wiki(W) (Victor found through strawpoll)

40 - DS152 - Fat World Wiki(W) vs HypnoBeast [Between DS151 and DS152, Elyse Willems has been added to the Fat World Wiki]

41 - DS153 - Fat World Wiki vs Cat Piano Classics(W)

42 - DS156 - Cat Piano Classics(W) vs Raw Water

43 - DS157 - Cat Piano Classics vs GJOHNCE(W)

44 - DS158 - GJOHNCE vs Anon and Shinobu VR Anime Wedding(W)

45 - DS159 - Anon and Shinobu VR Anime Wedding(W) vs Todd Rodgers Fake Gaming Record

46 - DS160 - Anon and Shinobu VR Anime Wedding vs kisscactus(W)

47 - DS161 - kisscactus(W) vs Physical Evidence of Titans

48 - DS162 - kisscactus vs The Garbageman(W)

49 - DS163 - The Garbageman vs Tor Eckhoff(W)

50 - DS164 - Tor Eckhoff vs The Floppotron(W)

51 - DS165 - The Floppotron(W) vs Jack Ma's "Gongshoudao"

52 - DS166 - The Floppotron(W) vs Disneyland Social Club Lawsuit

53 - DS167 - The Floppotron(W) vs HeatherBoydComics

54 - DS168 - The Floppotron(W) vs I Can Make Anybody Want To Go Vegan

55 - DS169 - The Floppotron(W) vs Krisca Wang Player Model

56 - DS170 - The Floppotron(W) vs murrlogic1 "Buxom Bread Women"

57 - DS171 - Walking With Giants vs "A Howl at Midnight - A Forgotten Dogs Roleplay"(W)

58 - DS172 - "A Howl at Midnight - A Forgotten Dogs Roleplay"(W) vs A Survey of Red TVs in Shenmue

59 - DS173 - "A Howl at Midnight - A Forgotten Dogs Roleplay"(W) vs Chop & Steele

60 - DS176 - "A Howl at Midnight - A Forgotten Dogs Roleplay" vs Klance14 [attempted to blackmail an animation studio into making a canon ship in "Voltron Legendary Defenders"](W)

61 - DS177 - Klance14 vs If WisheRs Were Horses(W)

62 - DS179 - If WisheRs Were Horses vs NikeCrush(W)

63 - DS180 - NikeCrush(W) vs Mini Drums

64 - DS181 - NikeCrush vs Ohohohojousama(W)

65 - DS182 - Ohohohojousama(W) vs ViVe Hypnosis

66 - DS183 - Ohohohojousama vs Final Fantasy 7 House(W)

67 - DS184 - Final Fantasy 7 House(W) vs Kingdom Hearts: The Chipmunks and The Chipettes Series

68 - DS185 - Final Fantasy 7 House vs Hot Pokémon Trainer(W)

69 - DS186 - Live RTX Hard Nettin Tournament: kisscactus(W) defeated DJ Deaf Joey Kissing His Dead Grandmother Who's Kept In A Coffin In His Backyard, Russian Cult That Worships Gadget From Rescue Rangers, Anon and Shinobu VR Anime Wedding* [in that order] on way to victory, other competitors included were Big Knee Lover, The Floppotron, GJOHNCE and Cat Piano Classics. Winners were decided by FunHaus cast and strawpoll.

*Interesting to note that kisscactus was the competitor that defeated the VR Anime wedding initially

70 - DS187 - Hot Pokémon Trainer vs H.J. Freaks(W)

71 - DS188 - H.J. Freaks(W) vs Author & Punisher - The One-Man Industrial Band

72 - DS189 - H.J. Freaks vs D.K. Vine Romance(W)

73 - DS190 - D.K. Vine Romance vs ZimoNitrome(W)

74 - DS191 - ZimoNitrome(W) vs ToiletFlush2011

75 - DS193 - ZimoNitrome vs TheRealSullyG(W)

76 - DS194 - TheRealSullyG(W) vs Squirting Mustard

77 - DS195 - TheRealSullyG(W) vs Gassy Breegul

78 - DS196 - TheRealSullyG(W) vs Guide to Proper Cat-Girl Care

79 - DS197 -TheRealSullyG vs Ultimate Pokemon Battle(W)

80 - DS198 - Ultimate Pokemon Battle(W) vs Fights with Health Bars

81 - DS199 - Ultimate Pokemon Battle(W) vs Shine of the Mall Ninja

82 - DS200 - Ultimate Pokemon Battle vs The Aerodynamic Properties of Anime Breasts(W)

83 - DS201 - The Aerodynamic Properties of Anime Breasts(W) vs The Brotherhood of Darkness

84 - DS202 - The Aerodynamic Properties of Anime Breasts(W) vs 0.5x A Presses

85 - DS203 - The Aerodynamic Properties of Anime Breasts vs man eating food(W)

86 - DS203 - man eating food(W) vs mywar_yuichiro

87 - DS204 - man eating food(W) vs Alex Frost / opening stuff underwater

“Hard Nettin” Hall of Fame[]

  • Big Knee Lover (5x Champion, First Deviant Artist, Decided by FunHaus cast)
  • Game Girl Power (4x Champion, First to acknowledge “Hard Nettin” Championship)
  • Ivan Dorin (3x Champion, Decided by FunHaus cast)
  • kisscactus (2x Champion, First Hard Nettin YouTube channel to become "HAUSMATES", Winner of DS186 Hard Nettin Tournament)
  • The Floppotron (7x Champion, Retired by Lawrence Sontag, 1st Undefeated Competitor)