Template:Person InfoboxGustavo "Gus" Sorola is an employee of Rooster Teeth Productions, and is also a voice actor in their machinima series, including Red vs. Blue as Dick Simmons and in The Strangerhood as the Computer, a role he shared with Geoff Ramsey. He is married to Esther Sorola, who has been mentioned in several comics from the Rooster Teeth website. His live-action credits include the Rooster Teeth Productions live-action shorts.[1]

Gus was a founding member of Rooster Teeth Productions, coming from Drunkgamers with Burnie Burns and Geoff Ramsey. One of the videos produced by Drunkgamers was a live-action parody of the Apple Switch ad campaign, which featured Sorola as the main actor, and used Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" as background music, focusing on the lack of games available for the Apple Macintosh computer.[2]

He is the primary IT professional at Rooster Teeth Productions, along with Ben King. He also runs the Roosterteeth podcast formerly named "The Drunk Tank" but is now just the "Rooster Teeth Podcast".


Who do you know that does not belong to this country? Who does not have their visa? Who is a terrorist? You guessed it. Gus. I discovered a large nuclear bomb underneath Gustavo's bed whilst we were hanging out one day. The bomb was not set to go off, but it looked as if it could be easily armed. Lately, Gus has been shopping online for turbins. I've seen his history. He even created a memorial in our office to none other than Adolf Hitler. Gus has been inolved in a lot of underground sevices. I followed Gus out one day to see what he was up to. You wouldn't believe it. Gus was with Chinese spies, using minature buildings and planes to reanact 9/11. They had small explosives in the minature model plane, which went off when it hit the buildings.

This may seem a bit strange, but Gustavo Sorola and all the other Chinese spies were dressed in nothing but bright red thongs riding up their backsides. Also what kind of a name is Gustavo?

~Sincerely not Gavino


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