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With a combined 7,000 years of experience playing video games, the Rooster Teeth crew is here to drop some serious gaming knowledge...
—, The Patch[1]

Glitch Please (Formerly known as The Patch) was Rooster Teeth Productions' weekly gaming podcast dedicated to recent gaming events and anything related to the industry. Glitch Please was the "replacement" for The Patch, which was created originally as a spin-off from The Rooster Teeth Podcast as the latter became less gaming orientated and more comedy based.

The Patch[]

Original Patch Logo

Each episode featured (typically) three guests with the main hosts being Gustavo Sorola, Burnie Burns, Ryan Haywood, Ashley Jenkins, and (formerly) Meg Turney.

New episodes were live-streamed and taped every Wednesday for FIRST Members only on the Rooster Teeth website. It was released to the public a day after for everyone.

Originally hosted on the main Rooster Teeth YouTube channel, episodes have since been posted on to The Know channel.

The show went on hiatus after episode 188 on December 28, 2016, according to Ashley. It is currently taking a break and being retooled, expected to come back in the spring of 2017.[2]

On February 1, 2019, Adam Ellis posted on Twitter that the show has ended, with the last episode being posted that same day.

Set Design[]

Glitch Please[]

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The Patch[]

The original set was located at the previous Rooster Teeth address on a slightly rearranged Rooster Teeth Podcast set.

It was most recently filmed on a specially made set in the Rooster Teeth Productions building at Stage 5.


  • For a stretch, Gavin tried throwing things at Ryan. His only true success is Episode 56, as he catches Ryan with a Nerf dart. Known fails include 57 not even reaching past the TV Gavin threw from behind, 63 almost completely missing from behind Ryan during an ad read, and 71 wrecking the hourglass they used at the time.


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