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Garrett Hunter is a member of production company Mega64 and is the voice actor for Adam Taurus in RWBY. He often works behind the scenes in the videos, and frequently appears in the produced skits and the Mega64 show itself. He is known for making costumes and props that appear in the videos, including those he himself does not directly feature in. He is also a regular member of the Mega64 Podcast. After working with the main Mega64 "trio" for several years, he has come to be seen as their unofficial "fourth member." He dated Barbara Dunkelman for a while, and consequently she appeared on several Mega64 podcasts. He also runs the Poorly Played Stream, a weekly live gaming stream which often guest-features other members of Mega64.

According to his biography on the Mega64 website, he is "a full-time electronics technician, loves welding, cats, air-soft, women with more tattoos than him and the everyday struggle of evil to vanquish good from the universe."

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