...and we're back in the game journalism saddle. Here we are. We're riding that game journalism horse!
Bruce Greene[1]

Gaming Weekly is a gaming news show on Funhaus. As the title implies, a new episode is published on a weekly basis. The show covers new video games, previews, leaks, controversies, and the video game industry overall.

Although this gaming news series continued in addition to similar gaming news series on Inside Gaming,[2] work eventually halted on Gaming Weekly in March 2019.

Funhaus Gaming AwardsEdit

See main article: Funhaus Gaming Awards.
Funhaus Gaming Awards Jon and Jacob

Jon Smith and Jacob Fullerton hosting awards

1st Annual Funhaus Gaming Awards was published on December 21, 2018.[3] This show is branded as part of Gaming Weekly.


  • Gaming Weekly is similar to Funhaus' previous work on The Know[4] and the crew's experience with Inside Gaming's show "News Show"[5]


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