WOT IS GAME NIGHT???!!! ~ Gavin

Game Night was the Achievement Hunter series and event where AH hosts Geoff Ramsey and Caleb Denecour hosted community playdates in various games. Later, they uploaded a video featuring one of the maps and game types in the game. So far, all games in the featured on YouTube have only been and showed Halo games with many different game types being featured every week. But perhaps the most memorable part of the series is the running gag where Gavin screams “WHAT IS GAME NIGHT?” in the beginning of most episodes.

Geoff and Caleb hosted the series on YouTube explaining what game type they play and how that mode is played. A running gag in the series is Gavin Free shouting "What is Game Night?" in the background, which annoys the hosts to the point where they attempted to lock him out of the room in one episode, and Michael strangling him in another.

Game Night officially premiered on March 23, 2012. It ran for almost 2 years, and was officially ended on its finale date on February 14, 2014. The series has since been cancelled and discontinued.[1] 


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Map Name Game Description Air Date Link
Theme B You're stuck in a pit and the only way out is to jump/climb out of the pit and the way to win is to kill the person dropping things on you March 23, 2012 [1]
Duck Hunt Make your way to the top of the board and teleport to the other side and the first one to kill the person trying to kill you wins March 30, 2012 [2]

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