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For the former Achievement Hunter show, see Game Kids (Series).

Game Kids is a family and kid friendly channel inspired by Rooster Teeth that debuted on December 1, 2014. The channel is intended to display more family friendly content than what is found on Rooster Teeth's other channels.

Episodes from the previous Rooster Teeth show, under the same title, have been uploaded to the Game Kids channel as well as from Caleb's original BroGaming YouTube channel.

The channel has not uploaded since March 28, 2016.


New episodes were released every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with a regular cast in each series.

Sims Sisters[]

Sims Sisters Logo.png

Released on Mondays, join Millie, her nanny Chelsea, and occasionally her parents Geoff and Griffon, as they explore their creativity in the world of Sims.

Kids Play[]

Kids Play Logo.png

Released on Wednesdays, Matt, Webb, and Mills or Burnie, JD, and Teddy come together to play video games and strengthen family relationships.

Bro Gaming[]


Released on Fridays, Caleb and Jordan, brothers for 21 years, test the limits of their family ties through cooperative gaming.

Kids Craft[]

Occasionally released on Mondays in place of Sims Sisters, Chelsea, Millie and guests show you how to create fun and simple video game themed crafts.