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Game Attack (also abbreviated as GA) is an American video game and lifestyle brand, primarily focused on Live Broadcasts (former part of Rooster Teeth Productions, LLC.). The channel began with ScrewAttack founder Craig Skistimas, teaming with Shaun Bolen to create the brand. The channel plays video games and creates gameplay videos, podcasts, live streams and jokes in a similar manner as do Achievement Hunter and Funhaus.

Game Attack shifted in 2017 to focus on Live Streaming, and hired Chase Sedate as a technical director, Greyson Watkins as a host, and Wes Reinitz as a host.

In 2020 Craig Left Game Attack to focus on his own podcast, which turned into "Weekdays with Craig and Brad." Game Attack has no affiliation with Craig.

After buying Craig's half of Game Attack with his departure, Shaun Bolen took 100% ownership.

They are currently known for huge streams like March to the Top, which had Game Attack reach the 8th most subbed-to channel on all of Twitch, their Sub Drive, which had them stream an entire 7,500 mile lap around the United States, as well as their inclusive community that supports what they do on a regular basis.

Shortly after taking ownership, Shaun hired Chelsea Bolen to run the business and administrative tasks. Thanks to their support from their audience, Game Attack funds 5 full-time employees and allows them to make engaging, fun content.


Goodbye Rooster Teeth.


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