This is the page for the King Competitions in the Let's Play GTA V series. For a list of competitions from the Let's Play Minecraft series, see: Achievement Hunter Royal Court.

In Let's Play GTA V - King Geoff, the Achievement Hunters recreated the King Competitions from Minecraft in GTA V. Just like the competitions in Minecraft, one of them would be the King and would give the others numerous tasks for them to do, with the first person to complete the task being rewarded. But since they can't make a Tower of Pimps in GTA V, Geoff decided to make it like "HORSE", but instead, every time someone completed a task, they would earn a letter for the word "KING". The competition would keep going until someone has fully spelled out the word "KING", in other words, the first person to complete 4 tasks. Geoff confirmed that they will be continuing the King Competitions in GTA V while also continuing the ones in Minecraft as well. Listed below are the GTA V King Competitions.

King Geoff - January 6, 2014[1]Edit

Task Rules Winner Score

Land on top of the ferris wheel*

No personal vehicles and no use of mechanics Jack K
Kill a cop with a baseball bat None Michael K
Deliver a blue car of any kind to the King No personal vehicles Gavin K
Kill the King None Michael KI
Hit a pedestrian with the blades of a helicopter None Gavin KI
Pursue the King and punch him No city maps and the King is allowed to run away if he is being pursued Michael KIN
Parachute through one of the O's in the Vinewood Sign No personal vehicles Ryan K
Deliver a tractor to the King No killing each other (unless two people are in one tractor) Gavin KIN
Get a new mustache and show the King None Jack KI
Fight to the death in the lake None Ray K
Get on a moving train None Jack KIN
Take a dip in Franklin's pool None Jack KING

* The actual goal was to take a "selfie" from the top of the ferris wheel, but due to it being physically impossible to land on top of the ferris wheel and then immediately take a "selfie", Geoff decided to change the objective to make it easier.


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