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GO! was an Achievement Hunter gameplay competition series that premiered on October 29, 2013. The competition was who could complete the first task that Geoff Ramsey assigns. Typically, the competitors could choose a video game of their choice. The AH crew scramble to be the first one in achieving Geoff's task, in order to get a sticker and become the winner. Each seasonal winner would receive a pizza party.

In essence, this was a show where all of the Achievement Hunters (sans Geoff, who hosts and runs the competition) all try to complete a specific goal in any game of their choosing — for example, Do a Barrel Roll. Whoever manages to achieve the set goal first gets a sticker, and once someone gets five stickers, they get a pizza party personally paid for by Geoff.

Following his departure from Achievement Hunter and Rooster Teeth on April 17, 2015, Ray has been eliminated from the competition and replaced by Jeremy as of mid-October 2015, although Ray still participated in GO! episode 78, which was pre-recorded before his departure. Ray also cameoed in the background of GO! episode 88 due to him recording lines for the second season of X-Ray and Vav.

New episodes were originally released every Tuesday and degraded to an irregular schedule. As of August 28, 2016, GO! was been placed on hiatus after 104 episodes, mainly due to a shortage of ideas and time. On December 29, 2017, it was announced by jack on the Off Topic podcast that the show would most likely return with more episodes sometime in the spring or summer of 2018.[1] However, this did not happen. The show is thought to have been quietly and unofficially cancelled.[2] The last episode was broadcast on August 28, 2016.


The first person to accumulate 5 wins will get a pizza party, although after the first pizza party it dissolved into any form of 'party' or win. After someone wins 5 games, the board is cleared.

Episode List[]

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The sticker board's final results

Player Number of Wins Number of Pizza Parties
Ray Narvaez, Jr. 19 3
Jack Pattillo 28 3
Michael Jones 21 1
Gavin Free 12 0
Ryan Haywood 19 0
Kerry Shawcross 0 0
Lindsay Jones 1 0
Jeremy Dooley 3 0
Andrew Blanchard 0 0


  • In Episode 2, Gavin ended up breaking a shelf, causing all of the games resting on it to fall to the ground. To make matters worse for Gavin, his copy of GTA IV was already on his desk, meaning he broke the shelf for no reason.
  • Due to all the players in Episode 2 forgetting where the swingset could be found in GTA IV, Geoff gave them all a "hint" saying that it was on the "main island" (Algonquin) which he described as the middle island. After around 13 minutes in the video without anyone finding it, Geoff went online to see where the swingset was, and it was NOT on the "main island", where he had initially told them, which means Geoff forgot.
  • In Episode 3, Ray was forced to use his primary Xbox Live account, BrownMan, as it would be much easier for him to earn an achievement otherwise.
  • Episode 6 was filmed on the day that the Xbox One came out, which is why Geoff made the episode special by making the others complete the objective on a game for the Xbox One.
  • Also in Episode 6, not only did they have to kill a zombie first in Dead Rising 3 for the Xbox One, they had to unbox the console, set up the console, set up the capturing program, install an update on the Xbox One, and then install the game to at least 50% before actually getting into the game to kill the zombie. This took up about the first 5 minutes of the episode.
  • Michael is the only one with an Xbox One sticker for winning in Episode 6.
  • Episode 8 is the shortest episode to date, with Ray completing the objective before any other player could even start playing their game.
  • Episode 11 is the only episode where the winner wasn't playing a game (Michael was watching Xbox Video).
  • Ray was the first one to claim a pizza party with 5 stickers in Episode 17. The place where the pizza party took place had one table with a sign saying 'VIP' where Ray, Geoff, and Kerry (Ray's chosen friend) sat, while the others sat at a different table which had a sign saying 'losers' (according to Ray the following episode).
  • Episode 18 is currently the only episode where the five of them had to switch desks during the video. Ray started with the lead, with 3 on the scorecard before Geoff pulled the first of three desk swaps. Ryan would go from one point to six at Jack's desk when swap number two was deployed, and Michael ended up winning at that station when he inherited the desk from Gavin on the third swap, the Brit having gotten the station up to nine when Geoff pulled the trigger on the third and final swap.
  • Episode 20 was inspired by the fact Gavin, in a single-player Halo game, always kills his ally AI first. He would end up winning the match, using two Call of Duty games and three Halo games (He also tried Halo: Reach but the only friendly AI the majority of the time in that game are plot-armored Noble Team members, which he discovered the plot-armor a bit tough while trying to team-kill Carter).
  • There are several episodes that have the challenge as doing a certain amount of things all in different games. Geoff has stated in one of these episodes that the reason he does this is because the viewers have said that they really like when they do this.
  • Episode 31 is the first episode where a challenge has been repeated from another episode of Go (Episode 28). The challenge was to kill a Hunter and a Brute in two different games and only one of them could be a Halo game. This was changed a little bit for the second version in that the guys weren't allowed to use the games that they had used in the other challenge.
  • Kerry made his GO! debut in episode 32, taking over for Jack when he had to leave.
  • Gavin became the first person to get completely shutout from winning a pizza party (This occurred when Ray won his third pizza party).
  • Episode 50 is unique in which Geoff gives five challenges to the competitors but only one is correct.
  • Gavin currently has the longest dry-streak with a total of 23 episodes, having not won a sticker since Episode 29 before finally winning one in Episode 53.
  • Episode 52 and 59 are the only episodes of GO! to have two winners due to having to complete two previous episodes of GO! and the other being due to a tie.
  • Ray, Jack, and Michael are the only ones to win pizza parties.
  • Episode 57 is the only episode of GO! to feature a non-console based competition, instead it involves correctly building a LEGO set.
  • Episode 64 is the longest episode of GO! with being over 40 minutes long.
  • Episode 66 is the only episode of GO! to be released on a Wednesday
  • Episode 68 is the only episode of GO! where it is one person (Ray) against everyone else.
  • Kerry and Andy are the only players who have yet to win one sticker.