Fusion Confusion is an RT short published on YouTube on January 13, 2015. Can Chris combine his romance skills and magic powers to win Barbara's heart?

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The short starts with Chris fusing Aaron's hot dog with a pair of women's heels that he had summoned with his Fusion Hexagram from Summoners War. He figured that since women love shoes and a man that can cook that his fusion would be a perfect gift for Barbara. Chris then combined a Menorah and an orange since Barbara loves puns, creating "Orange Jews." Aaron tells Chris women like romantic things, so Chris combines a dog, an Italian dinner, and music. Aaron is disgusted and tells Chris to think what would speak to Barbara's heart. Chris combines a heart and a telephone, freaking Aaron out farther. They see Josh and Aaron tells Chris to ask him. Chris decides it's a better idea to fuse with Josh to "absorb" his knowledge. He finds out Barbara loves lobster dinners and combines himself with a lobster. Aaron and Chris freak out, with Chris blaming Aaron. Chris threatens to kill Aaron, fusing with more things to gain more power including bananas, a plant, a spatula, and Gus. Once Chris realizes he had become a monster, he asks Aaron to kill him. Aaron agrees. Right as he goes to kill him, Barbara walks in. She is shocked, but overcome with how thoughtful Chris is. They embrace and accidentally fuse, giving Chris boobs. Chris is okay with this and walks off, leaving Aaron to walk off with his hot dog.

Trivia Edit

  • This short was sponsored by Summoners War, which features the Fusion Hexagram that Chris uses.
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