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Freckles is a character in Red vs. Blue Season 11, 12 and 13 voiced by Shane Newville

Freckles is a Mantis Class Assault Droid that was discovered by Michael J. Caboose while he was walking around Crash Site Bravo on the Planet Chorus, he proved to be a problem at first for both Red and Blue teams, as well as making Caboose leader after misinterpreting what Agent Washington had said, Freckles was a major threat to the Blue team, because they would refuse to follow Caboose's orders, preparing to kill any team member that did not follow instructing. Freckles was eventually put under more control after Caboose passed Control of the Blue Team back to Agent Washington.

When the crash site was attacked by Locus and 4 Federal Army of Chorus soldiers, Freckles was heavily damaged and subsequently destroyed after a fight with C.C, During Season 12, Locus was shown to give Agent Washington a chip which contained Freckles "Heart and Mind", which he later passed to Caboose who inserted it into his Assault Rifle.

Later on, it is discovered that Freckles was alsoma tracking device, which is what caused the Space Pirates to keep finding them.

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