Episode 0

In this episode Knarf rapes a chld, and se begs him to stop, but he doesn't, and he just keeps going and going. Eventually he shoots his load off into her mouth, and she swallows it. Not only does she drink gallons of cum, she also vomits up babies.

Episode 1: Enter Frank

"You guys are a bunch of fags, I hate homosexuals, and some times I step on puppies"

- Frank, expressing shock at Bravo Squad's true intentions.

During the mission, Frank licks a wall, and then he shits all over the place, then the shits, then the episode ends.

Episode 2:

"AHHHH! He's got my penis!"

"It's got your penis? IT'S GOT HIS PENIS!!!"

-Frank sleeps for ever and ever.

As Bravo 1 continues to be slaughtered by an unseen attacker, Frank is the only one who seems to express concern and is disgusted when Chief and Bravo 2 are skeptic of Bravo 1's danger. He attempts to convince the others to help him, but they continue to reject his suggestions. Eventually, Bravo 1 stops screaming, is deemed KIA by Chief, only to srceam again, and is suddenly silent. Vowing to get to the bottom of this, Chief orders Bravo 2 and 3 to stay in the room and guard, and assigns a reluctant Frank ot aid him in his investigation.

Episode 3:

"Chief? Chief!"

" Hey, where'd all your meat go?"

- Frank stumbles upon Chief's burnt corpse.

Frank and Chief wander into the room where Bravo 1 was killed, in which is the walls are covered in his blood. Frank freaks out at this site, and is annoyed when Chief asks him if the blood is his. Frank then goes to check out the hallways, and remarks how strange the dark passages and no door openings, and concludes the decoraters were wierd. When he turns around, he finds Chief dead, his skin completely burnt off, however, unlike before with Bravo 1, Frank doesn't seem very concerned. Eventually he returns to the room, where he finds Bravo 2 and Bravo 3 punching the air, swearing and seeming very determined. When he questions them about what they're doing, something hits him in the side of the head, which causes him to join in the air-punching.

Episode 4: All Evil Things Must Come to An End...?

"Hey, man, your eyes are really red. Need some eyedrops?"

"Nah, i'm okay."

"And your voice is raspy."

"I need some water."

- Frank being questioned by an Alpha Squad member.

After several minutes of swinging their fists in the air, the remaining squadmen conclude that they chased it off. However, Frank, as always, has some doubt about it, and wonders if the ghost is in the room right now, or is possessing someone. Bravo 3 thus becomes paranoid, and kills Bravo 2, thinking he's possessed. Frank then yells at him, telling him he didn't really mean it, and it was just a guess. His explanation, unfortuantly, makes Bravo 3 believe Frank is being possessed, and aims his shotgun at him. Not wanting to die, Frank crouches down, pleading him to not shoot. Fortuantly, no shot comes. Frank looks up and finds Bravo 3 impaled to the wall, his chest a torn open. After Bravo 3 says his last words, Frank attempts to escape, only to run straight into the ghost. Later, Alpha Squad arrives on the scene to investigate the disappearance of Bravo Squad, and two members find Frank in a corner his eyes swollen and voice raspy, babbling about the ghost taking their bodies. At this point, it is up to the viewer to decide what happened to Frank and if he really is possessed.


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