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{{Infobox/Person|image1 = Fionaaa-1.jpg|livery=achievementhunter|born={{Birth-date and age|July 21, 1996}}<ref></ref><ref></ref>|nationality = French, American <ref></ref>|occupation = *Content Creator
*Production Coordinator
*Host on Achievement Hunter|media = {{external|twitter|}}{{external|twitch|}}{{External|youtube|}}}}
'''Fiona Nova''' is a content creator, production coordinator, streamer, and recurring host on [[Achievement Hunter]]. In addition to Achievement Hunter, Fiona is a cosplayer and a streamer. In addition, Fiona is self-described as esports talent, an actor, and personality.<ref></ref>
Fiona was welcomed into Achievement Hunter on March 1, 2019.
In September 2019 Fiona created her first show, Clickbait, in which she introduces other members of Achievement Hunter to current memes and trends. <ref> </ref>
|text=Happy Fiona!<br /><br />Welcome to the AH Family @FionaNova! 🎉<br />
|name=Achievement Hunter
|date=1 Mar 2019<ref></ref>
== Trivia ==
* She was born in Genoa, Italy, moved NYC at age 5.
* She studied Fashion Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), New York, which led to her transition into the cosplay scene. [ <nowiki>[7]</nowiki>]
* Her mother is Central African (Bangui) and her father is Italian.
* Speaks French, Italian, and English fluently.
* She's 5'10.
* Shortly after moving to Austin, she adopted a dog named Suki.
* Currently the youngest of all Achievement Hunters.
* She is openly bisexual.<ref></ref> <ref></ref>
== Gallery ==
Fiona AH Spell Check Shirt.PNG|Fiona modeling merch
Fiona Batman X RT DC27.PNG
Fiona RT Summer Merch.PNG
Happy Fiona Off Topic 170.png|Announcing Fiona getting hired on Off Topic #170
== References ==
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