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FIRST (formerly the sponsor program before July 1, 2016) is Rooster Teeth's premium membership model on the Rooster Teeth website.

Benefits Edit

Early release Edit

Originally, members of the FIRST program had access to Rooster Teeth content one day before regular website members, and 1 week before the general public. Later, it was changed such that FIRST members receive content up to a week before public and regular website release.

The schedule may change on a show by show basis, such as the modified schedule for RWBY Volume 5.

Discounted merchandise Edit

FIRST members are able to buy merchandise from the official Rooster Teeth store at a discount.

Exclusive showsEdit

Programs such as Day 5, Backwardz Compatible, Theater Mode (Achievement Hunter, Cow Chop, and Funhaus), CRWBY: Behind the Episode and RWBY Rewind are exclusive to FIRST members.

FIRST Double Gold Edit

See main article: RT Box.

A former upper tier version of the program, FIRST Double Gold, had all perks of the typical membership but included a subscription box containing a selection of Rooster Teeth merchandise to be delivered monthly. It will be replaced with the RT Box program on April 1, 2018.

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