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Eric "Quint" Vespe is a former writer for The Know.

Before Rooster Teeth[]

Eric Vespe is most well known for his 20-year span as a writer for "Ain't It Cool News." He started there at age 16. In September 2017 Harry Knowles, the founder of "Ain't It Cool News", was accused of sexual assault, prompting some of the contributors to the website, Vespe included, to leave. Vespe announced his departure on Twitter stating “Given the recent allegations against Harry Knowles of behavior impossible to defend, I can not, in good conscience, continue to contribute to the brand I helped build over the last 20 years. Effective immediately, I am leaving Ain’t It Cool News.”[1]

One month later it was announced that Vespe was officially hired by Rooster Teeth to work as a writer for The Know.[2]

On December 3, 2018, he confirmed in this tweet that he no longer works for Rooster Teeth.