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Eddy Rivas is an employee of Rooster Teeth primarily serving as a screenwriter and Brand Archivist for the RT Animation department since May 2018 in addition to serving as an actor and voice actor.

Eddy's first credited work was on Red vs. Blue: Reconstruction for machinimation (specifically, the crowd scene in the opening episode) and voice acting. Later, he was a co-screenwriter in both Season 10 and co-author of the book Red vs. Blue: The Ultimate Fan Guide. Since becoming a full-time RT employee in 2016, Eddy's written episodes of Camp Camp, Nomad of Nowhere, Day 5, X-Ray and Vav, and The Know (Where he was also an editor), along with the DVD The Best Red vs. Blue. Ever. Of All Time. His voice work includes Rafael Guzman in Camp Camp and Santi in Nomad of Nowhere.

Outside of Rooster Teeth, Eddy was a founder of Smooth Few Films. Eddy and Smooth Few Films created their own machinima series The Leet World (Eddy's character even has the same voice he used for Guzman). In 2009, Eddy and Smooth Few Films's 'Web Zeroes' series collaborated with Rooster Teeth in episode 13.[2] He's also done marketing writing for various companies.[3]

He has two daughters.