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Dugger Faulkner was a Manager of Financial Operations at Rooster Teeth.

Always sporting a well worn baseball cap, Dugger was responsible for creating Rooster Teeth's first data analysis team, the Data Task Force, along with simplifying the show budget approval process allowing the RT Direct Studio (AH, FH, RT Core, etc) creative freedom leading to a surge of new content.

Known for quotes like, "What if I get hit by a bus... I like to fight buses," and, "What do I know, I'm just the finance guy," Dugger maintained the sense of camaraderie for all those members of the non production departments of Rooster Teeth.

And while leadership style differences between himself and finance leadership inevitable led Dugger to seek opportunities away for Rooster Teeth, he is still an avid fan and will frequent the RT live streams and chat via his avatar AmpersandDuggs.

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