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Dillon Gu is a former Rooster Teeth animator who worked on Volume 3 of RWBY.

Before Rooster Teeth[]

Dillon was a passionate animator and Computer Science student at the University of Texas with a popular YouTube channel. He is also responsible for popular animations such as "Gods Don't Bleed - EPIC FIGHT Minecraft Animation", "Ionia: The Blood Moon" (League of Legends Cinematic), and "Katsuwatch" which is Overwatch, but with cats. (This is a long-running project that emerged after he worked on RWBY).

Having been heavily influenced by the late Monty Oum, Dillon decided to create a new piece labeled Project MONTY in tribute to Monty's unique style of animation and fight choreography, highlighting similar transforming weapons and intensive combat. His work was noticed by RWBY animator Shane Newville, and he eventually was picked up by the Rooster Teeth Animation Department to work on RWBY Volume 3.


  • Before working on RWBY with Poser, Dillon mainly animated his projects in Blender.
  • At RTX 2015, Shane Newville hosted an Animation with Poser Panel with Dillon as a Co-Panelist.
  • He often streams his work on Katsu Cats as well as other projects on his Twitch channel.
  • He is also a fan of very bad puns, with which he tormented others in the animation department for RWBY.[1]
  • Dillon and Shane have a series of 2D animations on Twitter with the hashtag "#WhenShaneAndDillonUseFlipaClip".
  • Dillon is capable of doing acrobatic/break-dancing moves such as aerials and flares.
  • After Volume 3 ended production, he decided to focus on projects for his YouTube channel, including a collaboration project with Shane Newville.


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